November 27, 2020

Is the 10 mg cannabis edibles limit stronger than we

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Stuart (his name has been changed at his request) and I each ate one of Foray’s Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Square at $9 each. These chocolates were manufactured by licensed producer Dosecann, based in PEI.

“Oh yeah, this is definitely kicking in,” said my friend Stuart. Forty-five minutes earlier, his girlfriend Lizzie tried two gummies of the five-pack of MedReleaf’s San Rafael ’71 Pineapple Soft Chews, with each gummy filled with 2 mg of THC. A package cost $11 at Tokyo Smoke.

We all decided to eat our edibles before we mowed down on a BBQ meal at Blackjack, a pre-dinner hang before a Toronto sketch comedy show.

Stuart and I agreed the chai flavour of the squares came through on our palate, without being overly sweet, while Lizzie noted how the soft chews lived up to their promise of tasting like pineapple, and “were just like any candy I’ve had similar to this,” she adds. “And they don’t taste ‘weedy’ at all.”

Stuart, who has more experience microdosing edibles, started to feel loose and talkative and overall positive around 40 minutes after ingesting the Foray square.

“I would definitely do this again,” he conceded.

Lizzie said she enjoyed it too, but that it was more of a head high than body high.

I also began to feel the effects of the 10 mg edible around an hour after ingestion, even though I was skeptical if I would even get high at all. I have a decent tolerance and often need around 30 mg edibles to enjoy a decent buzz.

Stuart definitely felt it more powerfully than I did. For me, the high definitely started to peak two hours later when the sketch show began, and I knew it wasn’t only the jokes etching an omnipresent smile on my face. My mouth got dry, which is always a sign to me that an edible is working. I also felt relaxed, in a great mood, and the high lasted around 30 minutes.