Top 15 Cannabis Edibles in Canada 2020

Cannabis edibles are really picking up in Canada. And it’s easy to understand why. Edibles combine two things every Canadian stoner loves: cannabis and sweets. They fill your stomach while giving you munchies. What more could you ask for? 

Canada legalized marijuana edibles as part of its ‘cannabis 2.0’ regulation in October 2019. Today, we will take a look at the top edible weed products that are currently available on the market. Let’s dive right in.


The best 15 cannabis edibles in Canada today

1. Wigglers by Mota

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Mota’s Wigglers come in a pack of four, with each Indica Wiggler containing 25 mg THC and 5 mg CBD, totaling 100 mg THC and 20 mg CBD for a whole pack. The Indica Wiggler is tasty and has a sweet but slightly sour taste that melts in your mouth with a fruity flavor. Beginners are advised to start with only a half wiggle, as the experience is going to be strong.

2. OUIDE Edibles by BC Bud Supply

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OUIDE Edibles are laboratory-tested medical cannabis products that contain all-natural ingredients blended with premium marijuana strains for a consistently superior experience. For only $45, a pack of OUIDE Edibles comes with 15 gummy tablets each containing 20 mg THC, making a total of 300 mg THC per pack.

Our editors are really excited about these edibles because they are available in three different variations: Relax (Indica-based), Uplift (Sativa-based), and Relieve (CBD-based). This means that you can choose your edibles according to your mood and plans for the day. For example, if you are looking for great edibles for the day, we recommend using half an ‘Uplift’ tablet and half a ‘Relieve’ tablet to stay functional while enjoying a great and long-lasting high. Head over to the store of BC Bud Supply and try them out for yourself.

3. Iced Tea Mix by Mota 

Mota’s hot cocoa might be the perfect drink for chilly nights, but their Iced Tea is a great option for the fast-approaching warm summer afternoons. 

The ice tea mix has a refreshing citrus flavour and it’s not too sweet. Each pack of tea contains 150 mg of THC, so you should ration the tea over multiple servings. 

Once you put the tea mix into a glass, pour water, add ice, and it’s ready to serve. 


4. The Chocolate Bombon by Green Island Naturals 

The Chocolate Bombon is a delicious cannabis edible that packs a powerful punch. Crafted from organic cannabis, this product is as good as any artisan’s chocolate you could taste. 

Each Bombon contains 100 mg of THC, so you should divide it into multiple pieces and eat them separately. You should also wait at least 45 minutes between two portions. 

This edible doesn’t contain added sugar, so you get to feed your sweet tooth without eating too many calories. 


5. Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts 

Jelly Bombs are fruit gummies that take you to your happy place. Each jelly bomb contains 10 mg of THC, and there are 8 jellies in a pack. 

One of the good things about these edibles is that they’re produced using sativa-dominant cannabis. As a result, most users might experience fits of laughter, energy bursts, and moments of sparking creativity. 

Twisted Extracts’ sativa jelly bombs come in apple, cherry, mango, and orange flavours. 


6. Budtella Hazlenut Spread THC by Sweet n Delicious

The Budtella Hazlenut Spread is the perfect cannabis edible for those who enjoy cooking or baking THC-infused desserts. However, this product is also great for those who want to dip their regular desserts in a cannabis-infused hazelnut spread. 

Budtella’s taste and consistency are pretty close to the original. But this dessert packs a powerful surprise because each jar of Budtella contains 300 mg of THC. 


7. Gummy Candies by Aura Edibles 

Gummy Candies contain only natural ingredients. These gummies are flavoured using turmeric and hibiscus flower, and they’re coloured with annatto seed and beet powder. 

Each gummy contains 50 mg of THC, and there are four gummies in a bag. It’s recommended to portion the gummy and eat it over a longer period of time. 


8. Fudge Brownie by Mary’s Edibles 

The Fudge Brownie by Mary’s Edibles is a highly potent edible recommended for high-dosage patients. Each brownie contains 140 mg of THC, so you should divide it and consume it in small portions. 

These edibles taste great and they don’t contain a lot of sugar. The powerful chocolate aroma covers the traces of THC, but most users still get an aftertaste of weed after consuming the brownies. 


9. Gummy Bears by Ganja Edibles 

Ganja Edibles’ Gummy Bears come in apple, orange, lemon lime, blue raspberry, black cherry, strawberry, and watermelon flavours. Each pack contains 10 gummies, and each gummy bear contains 15 mg of THC. 

One of the advantages of these gummy bears is that they contain all the terpenes present in the cannabis flower. Ganja Edibles reintroduces terpenes in their gummies so the user will benefit from the entourage effect. 


10. Milk Chocolate Cube by Mota

Mota’s Milk Chocolate Cube is a delicious edible that contains 600 mg of THC per package. The chocolate bar can be easily divided into portions, allowing you to consume accurate doses of cannabinoids. 

Each square of milk chocolate contains 66.6 mg of THC, so this product is recommended for high-dose patients who are looking for a THC-rich edible. However, most users should divide the squares and consume them over time. 

Mota also offers a cherry chocolate bar that has an even higher concentration of THC. 


11. THC Strawberry Syrup by Exotica Farms 

The THC Strawberry Syrup is a tasty way of medicating. Every bottle of syrup has 100 ml and contains 300 mg of THC. The syrup is good to consume as is, but you can also mix it with water to get a low-dosage cannabis drink. 

When it’s not diluted, the syrup packs a powerful punch. Most users shouldn’t consume more than a sip or two to feel the effects of the THC. 


12. White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cookies by Sweet Jane Edibles 

The White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cookies are delightful treats for all cannabis consumers who like white chocolate. Each cookie contains 75 mg of THC, and there are two cookies in every pack. 

Sweet Jane’s cookies have a rich coconut flavour and they’re not too sweet. The cookies’ high THC dosage makes them an ideal treat for couples or for people who enjoy sharing their desserts. 


13. THC Cotton Candy by Mota 

The THC Cotton Candy feeds your sweet tooth and transports you to a land where time moves slowly and you need to sit down. Each package of cotton candy contains 180 mg of THC. 

This edible tastes great and it’s fun to consume. The cotton candy’s consistency makes it easy to share with friends. 


14. Sneakers THC by Herbivores Edibles 

The Sneakers THC chocolate bar is, as the name suggests, the closest thing you can get to a Sneakers bar that gets you high. 

Each bar of Sneakers THC contains 50 mg of THC, and there are 2 bars in each package. As far as the taste and consistency are concerned, this cannabis edible is very similar to its world-renowned counterpart. 


15. Gummy Candies by Tetra Bites

The Gummy Candies are great edible options for beginner cannabis users. These gummies contain 10 or 30 mg of THC, and there are 4 gummies in every pack. 

The gummies are produced using natural flavours. You can choose between mango, strawberry, pineapple, orange, licorice, or you can get a mixed fruit pack. 


Bonus: Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar by Baked Edibles 

The Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar is a THC-infused cannabis chocolate bar that tastes delicious. This product is perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who have a sweet tooth but appreciate precise, predictable doses. 

This chocolate bar is made out of fair-trade hazelnut chocolate mixed with hazelnut pieces and cannabis. The bar is divided into 15 portions, each portion containing 10 mg of THC. 


Best weed edibles in Canada – final thoughts 

The Canadian edibles industry is on the rise, and edibles will probably become the go-to products for a lot of cannabis consumers. 

Keep in mind that it takes a while for you to notice the effects of THC. Wait for at least 30 minutes after consuming THC before taking another dose to avoid any unpleasant effects.