December 5, 2020

Buy Edibles Online Canada

Marijuana edibles are all over the news. They're finally legal and everyone is checking them out. Just because edibles are legal, doesn’t mean they are anything new. What’s new is the cost per mg!

So why are edibles so much stronger than weed?

Commonly referred to as "rockets" by Cheebas’ staff, edibles are just that, a one-way ticket to personally see Elon Musk’s Mars settlement. Without proper care, these things can and will send you into orbit. The difference comes from the two different ways THC is taken into the body.

  • When smoking, THC is broken down, absorbed, and enters the bloodstream through the lungs. When consuming edibles THC is broken down and enters the bloodstream through the liver. This subtle difference has a huge effect on the type of high you feel when eating an edible.
  • Eating THC is 5 times stronger than smoking it! Which is why we call edibles, rocket ships. Now be careful friends, edibles take half an hour to an hour and a half to kick in so be patient (sometimes even longer) start slow and low!

Why choose Cheebas?

There are 4 main reasons why we are the superior weed edibles dispensary online! Compare to the LP’s and see for yourself.

  • Potency - The legal limit is 10mg of THC per edible, regardless if it’s a gummy or cookie! If you are experienced with pot edibles, then you know 10mg won’t do much. It’s a good dose for a novice, but those with a high tolerance can eat 100mg at a time (which we don’t recommend)
  • Cost - If you love edibles, you’ll have to mortgage your house for a stoned long-weekend. The unreasonable 10mg limit will make the legal route all but unaffordable. Don’t forget about the bureaucratic surcharges!
  • Convenience - Want to buy from the province that is known for edibles? No problem. Hate waiting? We sell edibles with no wait times. Maybe a day, but not weeks like the government stores.
  • Delivery - Goes with convenience. We get packages out every day and will have yours out by the next day, many times the same day to the post office.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller THC dosage and you’re a first-time edible taker or you want something that will send you to the outer reaches of the solar system, Cheebas is your spot to buy edibles online Canada. We carry every type of edible you can think of, from gummies to cookies, to oil, to chocolate bars! Want it? We got it! Cheebas is your plug to buy edibles online in Canada!