December 10, 2020

Mota Edibles

Vancouver Island – a world apart, where sea and wild mountains meet. It’s here that Canada’s most passionate and independent-minded cannabis producers made their home. And it’s here you’ll find some of Canada’s best medicinal quality derivative cannabis products.

By working closely with patients, carefully selecting strains and adjusting and refining growing, extraction and infusion techniques, the MOTA edibles island team has won a privileged reputation for producing some of the finest infused cannabis products in the land.


Island traditions of hands-on quality and conscientious patient care run deep at Mota. Each plant they grow or source is carefully matched to ideal conditions for its genetics, and then raised to maturity with pristine care.

All our derivative cannabis products are made the same way – with a passionate focus on quality, purity and consistency. They began by helping a small group of patients – people they knew well; friends who depended on us to produce the best cannabis products and medication possible. 


And they’ve never forgotten.

From tinctures and edibles to drink mixes and other tasty treats, MOTA has a cannabis product that’s right for everyone.