December 18, 2020

Six essential facts to know about marijuana edibles before indulging

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According to the study, most research subjects merely slept off the uncomfortable sensation. The research highlights an important point as more Americans are exposed the edible cannabis: Eating weed has a totally different effect than smoking it.

Here are some handy tips for the novice:

Do Your Homework

A smart newcomer to cannabis should take the time to study up on edibles. Most states require dosing guidelines limiting one dose to 10 milligrams of THC. There is a reason behind the regulation. For many experienced consumers of edibles, 10 milligrams may not be much at all.

But for the beginner, 5 milligrams may be just what the doctor ordered. If you are buying from a reputable retailer, the edible will be properly packaged with labeling information. Read the label. Know what the dose is.

Eat Before You Eat

On an empty stomach, edibles will pack a more powerful punch. Make sure you have something nutritious in your system before eating a medicated brownies or any other edible. You know when you have a prescription that recommends that you take the medicine “with your meal”? Think of edible cannabis the same way.

Get Comfortable

Find a relaxing location that has a comfortable place to sit. And be prepared to stay in the same place for a while. When medicating with edibles, time is your friend. First of all, it will take 45-60 minutes for the edible to kick in. And once you start feeling the intoxicating effect, plan on the experience to last a few hours.