December 27, 2020

Orange County's Finest Marijuana CBD Weed Edibles

Orange County's Finest Marijuana CBD Weed Edibles | People's California]]]]]]>]]]]>]]>

Premium Marijuana, CBD & Weed Edibles in Orange County

Edibles are a popular way to sample a variety of cannabis products. Our Santa Ana dispensary offers marijuana, CBD and weed edibles for all occasions. Enjoy a range of tasty treats infused with different strains of cannabis for your particular purpose.

Why Use Marijuana, CBD and Weed Edibles?

Edibles can be used as an accompaniment to traditional marijuana smoking or as a replacement. CBD-infused products can offer anti-inflammatory effects, with results often lasting an extended period. Further benefits can be gained through the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in an edible item. Canna-edibles can also be perfect when you have guests over and want to offer a treat.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Edibles?

One of the great things about edibles is the large range of products you can choose from. These are a popular choice, with gummies, chews and mints found in many flavors. Capsules filled with cannabis oil are convenient, and refreshing cannabis-infused candies are an easy way to enjoy the plant’s benefits on the go.

Delicious milk and dark chocolates are an indulgent treat, often bringing additional flavors like cinnamon, blueberry and mint. Cannabis-infused brownies and cookies are a classic choice, while drinks and tea options make for a refreshing beverage break.

What Strains of Edibles Are Available?

Each of these products is unique, offering many tastes and sensations. CBD-infused edibles typically provide pain relief, helping with inflammation, anxiety, and even sleep assistance. Sativa edibles can offer clarity with a euphoric sensation. Indica edibles are perfect for relaxation and rest, while hybrids can offer the best of both worlds. Our guides are always available to educate and help you make the best choice for your personal needs.

Along with a variety of effects, cannabis edibles come in many different flavors. Some popular choices include raspberry, blueberry, chocolate chip, green apple and caramel. This variety of choices, along with the dosage consistency in each product, means that you can design a highly personal cannabis experience.

Marijuana and CBD Edible FAQ

How long does it take to feel the effect of an edible?

Edibles take longer to activate or “kick in” than smoking or vaping. Effects could start within 30 minutes, but depending on metabolism it could easily take an hour or more.

How long will the effects last?

Effects vary with dosage. You can typically expect the greatest felt sensation to last at least 2–3 hours, though residual effects may be felt for hours past this window.

What if I don't like the taste of marijuana?

In this case, cannabis capsules are an easy way to enjoy edible marijuana quickly and efficiently. Alternately, you could opt for a flavored edible like gummies or chocolate for a sweet taste plus the joy of chewing.

The Premier Outlet for Marijuana, CBD and Weed Edibles

People’s is the leading dispensary in Orange County for edibles and more. You can make a secure online order for Express Pickup or Delivery. And you can give us a call at (714) 582-3446.

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