Synonyms of edibles


Some of the tribes, however, still regard the flesh of their own kind as the last word in edibles.

In the middle of the apartment there were tables supporting offerings of cooked fowls and other edibles.

In front of the pot is placed a leaf plate, on which cooked rice and other edibles are set.

The gobbler, biscuits and other edibles did not last long, as each of us seemed to have a first-class appetite.

The boys, however, balked 138 at a thin curried sauce which was supposed to be poured over this hodge-podge of edibles.

The rat uses his nest too as a storehouse, and here he lays by quantities of edibles for a rainy day.

The smitten one forgot his hunger, forgot the list of edibles that Miss Barndollar had told off, and sat tongue-tied.

The women prepared all the edibles and with the assistance of the young men and girls, served the banquet.

Not only edibles, but things to apply in and about the home?

In truth a cabin, substantially built of logs and stocked with edibles and other comforts, awaited the two hardy frontier-men.