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CBD Edibles: Gummies, Candy, Honey, Honey Sticks, and Chocolate – Oh My!

It seems like the whole world is talking about CBD edibles, and for good reason. Edibles offer a unique style of delivery in terms of how cannabinoids and other hemp compounds absorb into the system. They’re highly appealing to take in the form of a fruity gummy candy or a sweet n’ rich chocolate.

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences. Not to mention, goals when it comes to their wellness routines. That’s why we made a point to offer a huge array of CBD gummies and other edible formulas that are all made with lab-tested hemp extract and quality ingredients. 

Edible CBD

What happens when we ingest CBD? Well, the effects of edibles are quite unique in a number of ways. We all know that CBD is a cannabinoid, and when we consume it, it’s dispersed throughout the body in order to bind with strategically placed cannabinoid receptors that help regulate all kinds of bodily functions ranging from our sleep cycle to our inflammatory response. When we allow CBD to process through the gut, it can provide longer-lasting effects that are felt more subtly, but work more systemically to trigger regulation in many bodily systems simultaneously.

Digesting CBD is a slower process than, say, vaping it. The effects can take over an hour to peak in the body. However, from there, they can remain active for up to eight hours. Most people can take a single dose of an edible in the morning and feel the CBD at work for the majority of the day ahead.

Why Gummies are So Popular

Of all of the different types of edibles on the market, gummies are without a doubt the most popular. And, it’s no wonder why. CBD gummies have given us permission to indulge in our favorite fruity gummy candies without the guilt. Plus, we know that they’re actually doing our body good. Gummies come in all kinds of delicious flavors, and half the fun is choosing the flavor that most appeals to your particular palate.

Other Edible Formulas

Gummies are far from the only edibles that you’ll find out there. We also offer deliciously rich CBD-infused chocolate, which satisfies those chocolate cravings perfectly while giving your body a solid dose of hemp. CBD-infused honey is another particularly popular choice, largely because of how versatile it is, as it can be added to tea, spread on toast or drizzled on top of your favorite fruit. And, if you’re looking for a natural boost, CBD-infused coffees and teas are a great option.

Choosing the Right Strength

All CBD edible products have a unique milligram strength. This number refers to the number of milligrams of pure hemp extract in the recipe. Most often, the milligram strength on a product’s label reflects the total number of milligrams in the entire bag or container. This means that in order to determine how many milligrams you’re getting per dose, you need to divide the total milligram strength of the product by the number of serving sizes or pieces.

But, how do you know which milligram strength is right for your body? Well, they say that a good beginner’s dose is 10 milligrams. This will give your body an effective dose of hemp, but it’s a gentle amount. You can start with this amount, and adjust it as needed. Each person’s body responds best to a certain number of milligrams per day, and factors that determine the right amount include a person’s body weight and the severity of any manifestations that they may be experiencing.

Checking the Ingredients

It’s always good to look through the full list of ingredients of a particular edible product. For instance, if you’re a vegan, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a formula that is not made with any animal products.

Similarly, if you’re trying to avoid sugar, you will want to look for a sugar-free recipe. Further, some companies add additional natural active ingredients to their formulas. An example would be CBD gummies infused with melatonin to enhance sleep.

Common FAQs

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