January 30, 2021

Buy Cannabis Gummies & THC Edibles Canada

Weed gummies are by far the most popular cannabis edible in Canada. How can anyone not enjoy taking their THC by eating yummy gummy candies? The problem is that THC gummies are very addictive (but in a good way).  From THC gummy bears to sour gummies, the weed gummy industry is packed with a wide variety of products. THC gummies come in a wide range of potencies, so it is important to know that not all gummies are the same strength. It is therefore important to know how much THC is in each gummy before consumption.



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An Introduction to Cannabis Gummies

With CBD and THC edibles now legalized for recreational use in Canada, the number of innovative ways to infuse cannabis extracts into food items has drastically increased. One of the most common weed edible in Canada is THC gummies. Mixing weed and gummies was a no brainer, and they have become staples in many cannabis users’ lives. 


Effects of THC Gummies 

The biggest benefit is the great taste because these are candies after all. Since ingested and not inhaled, cannabis gummies affect the user differently and provides more of a body high.  The sensations can tend to be very intense at times and a little bit can go a long way. Weed gummies commonly result in increases in relaxation, euphoria, sedation, sleepiness and happiness. 

Medical Uses

Medical marijuana patients take weed gummies to help battle symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, pain, inflammation, nausea, appetite loss, sleep deprivation, and a variety of further conditions. 

Negative Effects

Cottonmouth, red eyes and lethargy are common side effects of cannabis. Other less common side effects include dizziness, nausea, paranoia, anxiety and headaches. However, these effects are often not serious and fleeting.


Different Types of Weed Gummies

Cannabis gummies come as THC gummies and CBD gummies.  Basically, the difference is that THC gets the user high, whereas CBD doesn’t. CBD gummies do not contain any of the psychoactive properties that THC products do. 


Best Ways to Take Cannabis Gummies

It is important to know the doses of each gummy and know your limit. Also, weed gummies can be very easy to take too much because of how great they taste. It is therefore important to remember that it may be a gummy candy, but it is still medication and should be used accordingly. 


Alternatives to THC Gummies

The number of cannabis products that hit the market increases regularly. Some of the most popular of these products include: 




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