February 1, 2021

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Buying CBD edibles online from Green Wellness Life is easy and secure. Green Wellness Life knows that you want delicious, natural, healthy, and organic edible options. We never compromise quality or effectiveness with our products. You can purchase our hemp-derived CBD edibles right from our website below to ship directly to your house.

Our primary focus is the quality of our products and services. It’s our goal to provide you with exceptional customer service and support. If you ever have questions or concerns about your products or your order, we’ll work to resolve them as quickly as possible at no cost to you.

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What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are snacks or food and beverage products that are infused with CBD oil. Green Wellness Life carries a wide variety of CBD edible products. We carry CBD gummies, CBD honey sticks, CBD mints, CBD gum, and CBD coffee. CBD edibles can provide a range of different benefits. Benefits could include sleep improvement, anxiety reduction, pain and inflammation reduction, mood improvement, and more. 

Will I Fail A Drug Test Taking CBD Edibles?

Drug tests are designed to look for THC. Broad spectrum and isolate CBD edible products do not contain THC, so failing a drug test is not a concern for those products. Full spectrum CBD products do contain THC, but are required to contain .3% or less by law. This amount of THC is unlikely to cause you to fail a drug test, but it could happen. If failing a drug test is a concern, we’d recommend choosing a broad spectrum or isolate CBD edible product. 

Do CBD Edibles Work Without THC?

CBD does have many benefits when combined with THC, but CBD also has many benefits on its own. Isolate CBD products (products that only contain CBD without any other cannabinoids) are great for mood improvement, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvement. Broad spectrum products also do not contain THC, but contain other cannabinoids. The CBD can interact with the other cannabinoids to create an entourage effect, which can provide additional benefits for your body. You do not need THC to experience the benefits of CBD. 

How Much Of A CBD Edible Should I Be Consuming?

We recommend that those new to CBD start with the smallest possible serving size and work up from there. This is because every body reacts differently to CBD and it’s important to learn how your body will react to the cannabinoid. Serving size will vary depending on the type of edible. For CBD gummies, we’d recommend starting with one gummy a day. For CBD honey sticks, we’d recommend starting with one honey stick. Mints and gum should also start out with one piece a day. You can increase your intake each day until you feel the desired effects CBD provides. 

Do I Need To Take CBD Edibles Every Day?

Taking a CBD product regularly improves the effectiveness of CBD oil, because it stimulates the endocannabinoid system to produce a greater response to CBD. Therefore, we do recommend that you take CBD every day as part of your daily routine. If you choose a CBD edible to be your primary source of CBD, then you should take your CBD edible every day.