February 7, 2021

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Eating vs. Smoking THC - Difference in Effects

As we’ve said before, people have only recently taken on eating cannabis in the form of snacks, chocolates, and gummies. Regularly, you’ve only heard of cannabis being smoked, vaped, and put into bongs. However, the difference lies not just in the ingestion method but in the process of metabolizing the cannabis as well.

Firstly, when you smoke weed, it’ll only take a few seconds to minutes until the effects start kicking in against your brain. If it’s THC you’re eating, then you’ll feel a sudden rush of euphoria, happiness, and energy flooding you from nowhere. However, these effects won’t last too long. In 60 minutes at most, the euphoric feeling will reach its maximum intensity.

In about 2-4 hours, you should start recovering from the euphoric effects, and the highness will slowly dissipate. After 4 hours, you should already be 90% sober, and if you want to get high again, you need to smoke weed once more.

When you’re eating cannabis, the ingestion method is different, and the weed is metabolized to a different degree. Eating cannabis edibles results in more cannabinoids like THC and CBD going to your liver, the metabolic center of your body. The effects will take longer to appear but they’ll also last longer (4-6 hours).

People prefer staying high for longer to achieving immediate effects, hence they choose edibles over smoking THC. That’s the main difference between smoking and eating THC.