February 9, 2021

Chelsea Handler Uses Edibles to Sleep

Edibles, despite the fact that they deliver a potent and often long-lasting stone, are a main entry point to cannabis for many newcomers who might be more adverse to smoking or vaporizing. For comedian, television personality and best-selling author Chelsea Handler, cannabis edibles were a way to promote a healthy sleep pattern. Speaking at marijuana business event Hall of Flowers on Tuesday, Handler also addressed how her cannabis use has helped her cut back on alcohol.

“It’s cut my drinking in half, which, for me, is a sentence I never thought I’d say,” Handler said to a laugh from the audience. “I really want to show people the way. This is healthy, it’s growing from the ground. Let’s all get on board with this, you know, the more the merrier.”

Handler, who is launching her own line of vape pens with NorCal Cannabis Company and “at least one edible brand,” spoke about her personal experiences with cannabis and her business desire to promote a line of products that she could recommend to female friends. Interviewed by Dr. Dina, Handler also spoke candidly about her relationship to cannabis edibles.  

“I mean, I’ll always try drugs if they’re in front of me… because I want to be polite,” she said when asked about her experimentation with edibles. “I’m not one of those people who goes crazy, but I’ve been around a lot of those people that do. Usually if I’m too stoned and I can’t handle it, I know to lie down and just go somewhere, you know? I’m not out and about doing that, at least I try not to be.”

Handler said she got started with Kiva blueberries and moved on to gummies before her interest in cannabis drove her to meet with different companies and growers and recognizing, “Oh, this is really just the beginning of an industry.”

From there, Handler said she started getting more educated on the subject matter and sharing that information with others.

“I’ve enabled so many friends, my sisters, who never take cannabis, my niece who had anxiety,” Handler said. “I’ve seen the impact it’s had on people that I care about and I know from experience that when you can impact a small group of people in your life you can impact the world.”

Handler said it was important to normalize the use of cannabis as something that helps people cope with whatever it is they hope to address.

“I’d much prefer to take an edible before I go to bed than a Xanax or a sleeping pill,” she said. “That’s something that I did. I used to take sleeping pills all the time. I don’t do that anymore, you know? I take an edible before I go to bed and once you do that for long enough, you don’t even need an edible to go to bed, you just needed something to get you back to normal life.”

While the Hall of Flowers had an array of edibles on display, below are a few that are crafted with different forms of cannabis to infuse into food: distillate, canna-butter and rosin.



This new sublingual is fast-acting, as it is easily absorbed under the tongue. It’s created with distillate, which is cannabis stripped from all waxes and other compounds, and comes in 5 mg THC servings designated by the effects it hopes to stimulate, such as “social” and “focus.” This product is essentially a Listerine breath strip with weed because it has the ability to keep your breath fresh and lighten the mood. Its low dose makes it a great starter edible for newbies.    


Big Pete’s Treats

Canna-butter is the OG of the edibles world and cookies are one of the first ways most people consume cannabis. Big Pete’s Treats is a longtime favorite in the cannabis cookies space. Not only to their 10 mg THC offerings get you adequately buzzed, but as a cookie, they also taste moist and delicious. Big Pete’s now also offers a CBD line, which is still a novelty in the cannabis edibles world. Big Pete’s is also making big moves in the cookies space through a collaborative edible with Berner, the mogul behind the Cookies clothing line.



These granola clusters are created with rosin, which is made by extractors capturing trichomes using heat and pressure. They come in 10 mg THC servings and include a blend of both indica and sativa flowers, as well as terpenes sourced from other food items. Owner and restaurateur Jeremy Weiss says it’s this combination of full-spectrum rosin blended with the food terpenes that sets these edibles apart. Full-spectrum means that the rosin used in Atlas’s bites still contains the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

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