February 14, 2021

Buy Cannabis-Infused Edibles Canada

Miss Envy Phoenix Tears is 100% decarboxylated organic cannabis-based THC oil in an easy to use oral syringe.  Each batch of Cannabis is 100% organic, locally farmed and lab tested. THC is used in herbal medicine as a treatment for depression, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, chronic pain and many other ailments. Take orally.

560-600mg THC/1g syringe.


What Are Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears is a cannabis oil extract that was first named by a Canadian cannabis activist, Rick Simpson. It goes by other names, such as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO). Additionally, it’s been marketed as a miracle cancer cure. Unfortunately, while the benefits of cannabis and its effect on cancer have been studied in mice, there has been no full-scale clinical study to confirm any of the medical claims made by Rick Simpson.

How to Use Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears can be used in different ways, similar to CBD oil and other cannabis extracts. The main method of use is placing a small amount of it under the tongue. This offers a quick and immediate effect. It can also be used topically to ease joint pain and for other medical issues. To dose phoenix tears you should start low, work your way up to see what dosage is right for you.