February 26, 2021

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What are Weed Edibles?

Weed edibles are created by infusing activated decarb THC into a food item. Decarboxylation happens when you use heat to activate the effects of THC. This is an essential step to make cannabis edibles, where the process begins by bringing the cannabis weed to 40-degree temperature. Once this is done, it can be safely added to any recipe.

Since cannabis THC is not soluble, some form of fat must be added for the best potent fusion. Fats such as butter, olive oil, and coconut would work well into making it a delicious treat.

For a better eating experience, cannabis edibles like gummies and caramels that have a sweet flavoring to them help reduce the bitter taste of THC.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Edibles

Common benefits of taking THC edibles include:

  1. Increase relaxation and sedation
  2. Regulate and lowers the risk of diabetes
  3. A non-smoking solution to taking marijuana
  4. High in minerals and vitamins
  5. Great for pain relief

Pro Tip for Getting Started with Weed Edibles

If there’s one tip you absolutely need to know, remember that it can take up to 2 hours for the effect of edibles to show up. It is strongly recommended to initially consume these THC edibles slowly in a low amount.

This is because each treatment may come in a higher dosage compared to smoking flowers. Unlike smoking cannabis, your stomach will need to digest these edibles, which is why time is needed for it to take effect.

For those interested in knowing when do edibles expire, this article on “How Long Is The Shelf Life of Edibles?” would give you some necessary knowledge on this topic!

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