February 27, 2021

JGO 250MG CBD Edibles


You are sure to love these amazing and wide variety of edible gummy candy. Infused with high quality CBD isolate for quick release and effects. These make CBD delicious and convenient to consume.

Individual Product Info:

JGO’s CBD Edible Peach Ring gummies will bring you back to the days of beautiful spring aromas with a nice twang at the end! These delicious CBD Hemp infused gummies give you 250mg of high quality CBD Hemp per bag!

JGO’s Multi- Flavored CBD Edible gummy bears contain an array of flavors like raspberry, orange, citrus and lime. Most noteworthy these are filled with CBD galore, so they let you not only have a great treat but an effective one also.

Jolly Green Oil’s CBD Edible Sour Gummy Worms are one of a kind sour gummy candies plus they have a tarty taste of heaven. Everyone who tries them enjoys a sharp bite of sour and the benefits of CBD.

Jolly Green Oil’s CBD Edible Hemp Infused Sour Gummy bears have a bite to them!

Do you love Sour Patch Watermelon Candy? Maybe you will want to try Jolly Green Oil’s CBD Edible Hemp infused Sour Patch Watermelon Gummies! 250mg CBD Gummy edibles containing 5 pieces per bag, each piece 50mg.

Jolly Green Oil’s CBD Hemp Strawberries and Cream Gummies are the pinnacle of all things sweet, savory, and delicious. A perfect combination of Strawberries and Cream that brings your palate to places it has never been before! Today, you can bring home that Strawberries and Cream deliciousness in these CBD Hemp Strawberries and Cream Gummies.

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About JGO: “Our products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure accurate dosing and purity. Here at Jolly Green Oil, we infuse high quality vape juices and flavors with our 99.9% pure CBD isolate. Cartridges  filled in house and the gummy edibles tumbled in CBD frequently on site to ensure quality and freshness.”

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