March 13, 2021

The 11 Best Cannabis Edibles of 2018

Gone are the days when "edibles" exclusively meant stale brownies wrapped in cellophane that you bought in the parking lot before a String Cheese Incident show. In the year of our Lord 2018, in states where cannabis has been legalized (hopefully, yours), there are mass-produced snacks -- and even beverages -- that would make Betty Crocker and Willie Nelson proud. There are edibles that are so good, you'll want to eat a dozen [VERY IMPORTANT PRO TIP: DON'T DO THIS]. And now, the dosage and effects are regulated and clear, meaning if you are responsible, "freak outs" should easily avoidable. 

Here are 11 brands that are making the best edible cannabis products in the business. Hopefully, one day, everyone in America will be able to go to a local dispensary, pick up some gummies, wash them down with some cannabis soda, and top it all off with a nice bar of chocolate and a stoney-bologna sandwich for good measure. Till then, you might just have to live vicariously through the Interweb. Or take a road trip.