tolerance to edibles?

SmoothCriminal said:

When you take an edible, marijuana is introduced into your system WAY more efficiently than smoking it. Practically none of the THC is wasted.

For example, some stoners (who smoke all day, everday) could probably smoke a gram to themselves, and get really blazed, but not over the top blazed. But if that same person were to take a brownie with a gram in it, the high would be intensified, ridiculously intensified. Almost not comparable to the smoking high. It'd affect their body much more than smoking would, so you'd get a gnarly body high.

So I wouldn't chop it down to saying that tolerance doesn't come into effect with edibles.. but most people don't use edibles as the only way of administering the drug.

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Well, although basically true, it doesn't account for individuals like myself. For many it may be more efficient, but personally I have to take 2x as much in the form of edibles as I would smoking to get high, if not closer to 3x. A couple firecrackers that get my friends who smoke regularly pretty high will only give me a mild buzz.

I can tell you 100% for sure that edibles are not the most efficient for some people like myself because of how our bodies work. Yes, you may get more into your body, but some people's bodies react differently.

It can come down to tolerance for many (or probably most) people, but the poster did ask if it's possible that edibles don't affect some people much, and the answer to his question was a pretty sound yes. Why some people like myself can't get as high from edibles, I have no idea, but considering that my first edibles I had (firecrackers) got my friends high and didn't hardly do anything to me, and I had probably only smoked a dozen times total, I think it's pretty safe to say it's not tolerance. I do build up tolerances faster than most people, but a dozen times spread out over a couple months wouldn't count (I was weekend only at the time)

That being said, I still do edibles sometimes and will do more when my plants are harvested because I hate smoking and I dislike vaping (I've had somewhat sensitive lungs my whole life). If I have to use 4x as much in edibles, I'm fine with it if I'm growing because it doesn't really cost me anything extra if I'm growing. Until then, I'm going for efficiency :)