March 20, 2021

Taking a Beyond HEROIC Dose Of THC Edibles (200mg)

Meditating on edibles i made with a gram and a half of vaporized bud triggered a psychedelic experience for me.
First it started with faded colourful geometry, but as i got deeper into the meditative state it got increasingly more intense and detailed.

I got to a point where i was falling through an infinite black and purple net that had endless tunnels in all directions, this slowly faded over a few minutes into complete darkness,
when it was completely dark i started to feel energy surging up my spine, it felt like i was a rocket about to take off. It was so intense I honestly thought i was going to die.

After what felt like 5 minutes the feeling subsided and i tried to just sit back and watch a movie but there was this feeling of a presence as this small green shape
darted around my vision like it was trying to get my attention, wherever it was in my fov the corresponding area of my body would twitch (if it was in upper left side of my fov my right arm would twitch, if it was the lower side my leg would twitch) this persisted for a few minutes, but i kept ignoring it and it eventually went away.
I must of passed out after that because the only I remember after is waking up.