Best THC Gummies: Top 3 Cannabis Edibles Brands of 2021

There is no better way than ending the day with a relaxing and high feeling of euphoria. Delta 8 is a new cannabinoid type that will give you that pleasant high after a long day of work. Aside from that euphoric feeling, Delta 8 also comes in different forms.

One of the most entertaining and fun ways of consuming Delta-8 THC is through Delta 8 Gummies. These gummies come in different sweet flavors that will leave you relaxed after a long day.

Delta 8 Gummies may also reduce stress and help with making you fall asleep. If you are struggling to fall asleep at night, Delta 8 Gummies may help you with that. However, not all Delta 8 Gummies in the market are safe and high-quality.

Other Delta 8 Gummies can cause dangers to your health, especially if they are not laboratory tested for harmful chemicals. There are also a lot of options in the market for different Delta 8 Gummies and finding the right one for you can be challenging.

This article will help you choose the best and highest quality Delta 8 Gummies in the market. These Delta 8 Gummies are made with organic and natural ingredients only so that you can get that pleasurable high without any worries.

Top 3 THC Gummies

  1. Diamond Chill Plus Delta Force Gummies 1000X – Strongest Gummies
  2. 3Chi Delta-8 Gummies – Best Value
  3. MoonWlkr Delta-8 Gummies – Wide Variety of Flavors

Why Are These THC Gummies the Top Picks?

Before picking out the best Delta 8 Gummies in the market, we spent hours researching the best brands in the market. There are factors we have to consider before putting these brands on our list. A brand will only make it into our list if it passes all of our conditions.

Here are our conditions:

All of these brands met our strict conditions, therefore making them the best Delta 8 Gummies in the market.

Top 3 Best THC Gummies [Reviews]

Top Rated

Diamond Chill Plus Delta Force Gummies 1000XDiamond Chill Plus Delta Force Gummies 1000X

Diamond CBD is one of the first brands that made high-quality Delta 8 products in the market. They aim to make safe and potent Delta 8 products that will give you that mild “high” whenever you want.

Diamond CBD also has a team of researchers and scientists that are aiming to improve their CBD Blend and other products even further to give you pure and organic Delta-8 THC products. You can also check the laboratory results of each of their products on their website.

This brand only uses industrial hemp grown in the United States, and all of their products are manufactured in the United States as well. They create products that are gluten-free and free of any harmful chemicals that may affect your health.

Aside from Delta-8 THC gummies, they also have other Delta 8 Products like tinctures and cartridges. Diamond CBD also has all kinds of CBD Products like CBD oils and edibles. Diamond CBD also has one of the most potent Delta-8 THC products that you can get on the market.

You can also find products with varying strengths on their website. All of their products do not contain more than 0.3% THC, making them safe for use. The brand also has different flavored gummies that give you that sweet and buzzy feel.

What makes Diamond CBD Gummies Special?

The gummies from Diamond CBD use CBD Isolate and combine both CBD and Delta 8 to give you that psychotropic buzz and pleasurable feeling. The addition of CBD Isolate balances out the effects of Delta-8 THC.

Diamond CBD Chill Plus Gummies have a total of 500mg CBD and 500mg Delta-8. It has a strength of 5.34 mg/g. It uses American-grown hemp and natural ingredients to give you that sweet flavor along with that Delta-8 THC buzz.

Each of Diamond CBD’s products is third-party laboratory tested for harmful pesticides and chemicals. You can also view the lab sheet results of the product when you go to its page. You can check the Certificate of Analysis of the product, ensuring it is safe for use.

The Delta-8 THC can be intense for some people, and so Diamond CBD combines both Delta-8 THC and CBD to create a smooth yet intense high feeling. It may also reduce the side effects of Delta-8 THC products because it contains CBD as well.

Diamond CBD’s Delta-8 Gummies have different fruity flavors in each jar. You can get multiple flavors and choose which flavor you want for that day. These CBD gummies are perfect for a relaxing end of the day.

Diamond CBD Delta 8 Gummies Overview:

Delta 8 Gummies come in multiple flavors per jar. Each jar contains blueberry, mango, and watermelon gummies. The Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus Gummies have 500 mg of CBD and 500mg Delta-8 THC, with a total of 1000mg in potency.



Customer Feedback:

This brand has been the go-to option for most Delta-8 THC users because of the variety of options they offer and their products’ quality. Users trust and choose this brand because of its transparency as well.

All of their products are easy to purchase and navigating the website does not provide too much hassle. All of the product information is included on the product’s page as well. You can also view the laboratory results easily on the product’s page.

These Delta 8 gummies may help reduce stress and give you a relaxing and euphoric feeling. It may also help improve your memory and focus, which is essential for daily tasks and activities.

If you have any inquiries, you can use their live chat feature to chat with one of the agents that will happily assist you. They also have a lot of information about cannabinoid products if you are new to Delta-8 THC products.

Return Policies and Shipping:

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Best Value

3Chi D-8 THC Gummies3Chi D-8 THC Gummies

If you have been using Delta-8 THC products for some time now, you must have heard of the company 3Chi. After all, they are the first to submit a federally legal THC-dominant product ever since the Farm Bill in 2018.

Ever since their first Delta-8 THC product, 3Chi has been focusing on providing only the most potent and high-quality Delta-8 THC products for the market. They have been leading the industry to the discovery of better Delta-8 THC processing methods and products.

3Chi is one of the most transparent and honest brands in the market when it comes to selling Delta-8 THC products. You can find the precautions and proper storage for each product on their website.

All of 3Chi’s products are third-party laboratory tested as well, and you can check all of the laboratory results on their information tab. 3Chi aims to provide the best Delta-8 THC products for both medicinal and recreational needs.

All of the hemp used in 3Chi’s products are organically grown in the United States. They also use an innovative manufacturing method in extracting Delta-8 THC to its purest form. All of the products are gluten-free and vegan.

A unique offering of 3Chi is that they also carry gummies with CBC and CBN along with Delta-8 THC to empower and enhance the effects of Delta-8 THC while giving you the benefits of both CBC and CBN.

What makes 3Chi one of the most trustworthy brands in the market is because they deliver potent Delta 8 Gummies for an affordable price. Each of 3Chi’s gummies has 25 mg of Delta-8 THC, making it one of the strongest doses for gummies in the market.

Even though there is not a lot of research on the benefits of Delta-8 THC yet, 3Chi’s Delta 8 Gummies are delicious and may give you an uplifting feeling. It may also help reduce stress and keep you calm.

3Chi D-8 THC Gummies Overview

3Chi’s D-8 THC Gummies come in a convenient pouch. You can choose between Black Raspberry and Watermelon for the flavors of your gummies. You can also choose between an 8-pack or 6-pack, which contains 200mg or 400mg of Delta-8 THC.



Customer Feedback

Customers who prefer a more affordable dose of Delta-8 THC prefer 3Chi’s Delta 8 Gummies. Each of the gummies contains 25mg of Delta-8 THC, and it also combines CBC and CBN, which amplifies the effects of the Delta-8 THC furthermore.

3Chi is also transparent with its manufacturing process and ingredients. You can view the ingredients of each gummy on the product’s page, along with the laboratory results of the product.

Customers who dislike the taste of hemp loved 3Chi’s Delta-8 THC Gummies. The gummies are delicious, fruity, and do not have a hemp taste. You can also choose between two flavors for their gummies.

The 3Chi Delta-8 THC may help reduce stress, and it may help you feel rejuvenated after a long day. Customers also report a calming and relaxing sensation after using 3Chi’s Delta-8 THC. Customers also report that the gummies are quick-acting and effective.

Return Policies and Shipping

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MoonWlkr is one of the brands that have started crafting new and innovative ways customers can enjoy Delta-8 THC.

One of the Delta-8 THC products that MoonWlkr takes pride in is their Delta-8 THC gummies. These delicious Watermelon Zkittlez-flavored gummies are infused with 25mg of Delta-8 THC.

The Delta-8 THC Gummies have 0.616% Total Cannabinoids, all of which are Delta-8 THC. You can view the total cannabinoids of this gummy and its breakdown on the product’s lab results page. These sweet gummies may help you feel relaxed and chill.

Aside from Delta 8 Gummies, MoonWlkr also offers Delta-8 THC cartridges. From Sour Lemon Haze to Grape Runtz, the unique flavors are quite interesting.

All the hemp used in the Delta-8 THC products of MoonWlkr comes from the United States. All of the products are third-party laboratory tested, and you can check their full laboratory report on their websites.

Each container contains 25 gummies, each containing 25mg of Delta-8. You can also choose between 2 packs or 3 packs for your gummies for a bigger discount.

Their Delta 8 Gummies only use high-quality ingredients. The MoonWlkr gummies are so potent that you may want to eat only half a gummy. You do not have to worry about its THC levels because it contains 0% Delta 9 THC, which is less than the federal limit of 0.3%

MoonWlkr’s D- 8 THC Gummies Overview

If you would like to buy MoonWlkr’s Delta 8 Gummies, you can choose between one, two or 3 jars of gummies per pack. Each of these gummies is potent and contains about 25mg of Delta-8 THC.

Aside from the Watermelon Zkittlez  flavor, MoonWlkr  also offers other flavors such as the following:

This brand definitely has some of the most unique flavors on the market, which we found quite refreshing.



Customer Experience

If you are looking for options, MoonWlkr has got them. Customers love the innovative take of the brand on the Delta-8 THC products. You can choose between the wide variety of flavors they have online.

Users also report that the effects of the MoonWlkr gummies set in quickly. Each of their products is third-party laboratory tested, and you can also find the test result on both the product’s packaging and on the website.

The brand also has a prompt and friendly customer service staff. This Delta-8 THC gummy is perfect for people who prefer sweet and sour gummies. However, as of the moment, MoonWlkr does not offer a mixed flavor pack for their gummies.

Return Policies and Shipping

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How to Choose THC Gummies For Yourself?

If you are looking to buy the Best Delta-8 THC Gummies in the market, there are certain factors you have to consider. Finding a good brand for your Delta-8 THC gummies can be challenging.

There are a lot of brands in the market. However, not all of them are high-quality, and some may pose risks to your health. Below are some of the factors you should consider before buying Delta-8 THC Gummies.

High-Quality Products

Before buying a Delta-8 THC Gummy, you should always check if it is a High-quality product. Brands that use natural ingredients and follow a strict manufacturing process to meet the industry standards give you high-quality products that do not have harmful chemicals included.


We all know our body the most, so if you have any allergies or food sensitivities, you should always check the product’s ingredients or components before buying. Aside from preventing any health risks, you can also check if the brand uses ingredients that are safe for consumption.

You can also check for the brand if their products are gluten-free and dairy-free. The best and reputable brands are transparent with all their ingredients and manufacturing process. You should also check if the hemp plants the brand used came from the United States. Highly reputable brands only use hemp plants from the United States.

Laboratory Results

Another essential factor you have to take a look into when buying Delta 8 Gummies is the laboratory results of the product. Brands that do third-party laboratory testing on their products are considered reputable brands. Check if you can see the Certificate of Analysis and reports on the product before purchasing it.

Reputable brands will also include their laboratory results in the product itself. You should also be able to view if the product has any pesticides or harmful chemicals inside them.

Flavor and Potency Options

We love variety and choosing a brand with a lot of flavor and potency options can help you find the most suitable gummies for you. New to Delta 8 should always try to begin with a lower dosage and go for a higher dose once your body gets used to it.

Most brands will advise you to start with half a gummy first and wait for the effects to start before adding another dose. Most users will feel the effects after just an hour. However, if you do not feel anything after 90 minutes, you may go for a higher potency level.

Customer Feedback

We take customer feedback seriously. Brands that are trustworthy and have thousands of positive customer reviews are reputable brands. Having positive customer feedback means the brand can satisfy its customers’ needs.

We also take into account the customer service staff and if they have prompt and friendly customer service. Purchasing online can be stressful so having a customer service staff that is ready to assist you is helpful.

Check for Knockoffs

If you are buying Delta 8 Gummies online, you have to be aware of the knockoff brands that use low-quality ingredients and may cause risks to your health. One way of checking for knockoffs is if the brand is significantly cheaper than others. Delta-8 THC can be expensive to extract and manufacture, so do not trust the brands that give significantly cheaper products.

How to Use THC Gummies?

You may think that Delta 8 Gummies are just for relaxing.. However, they do pack a punch once you feel the effects. Other brands even combine other cannabinoids with Delta-8 THC to make the effect milder.

The Delta-8 THC can be harsh to people who are new to the product. It is recommended to start with a lower dosage if it is your first time trying out a Delta-8 THC product and increase the potency as you become more used to it.

There is no specific dosage for the gummies, but users typically use one to two gummies per day. Effects can take a while to start. Some brands will advise you to wait for at least 90 minutes before taking another dose.

Delta-8 THC can be potent, and depending on the potency you chose, you may only need half of a gummy. You can eat half of a gummy first and check how your body reacts before adding another dose. Keep your Delta 8 Gummies in the refrigerator to prevent them from melting.

Always be responsible whenever you are taking Delta-8 THC, do not drive or do any physical activity that can cause you harm. Keep in mind to consult your doctor before adding Delta-8 THC gummies to your diet.

If you are wondering if you are going to fail a drug test if you use Delta-8 THC, the short answer is maybe. Delta-8 THC may show up on your drug test, so avoid consuming the product for months before a drug test. You can also use an at-home drug test kit to check if you are positive for THC.

Conclusion: Which THC Gummies Should You Buy?

When it comes down to it, the choice is all up to you. These brands are only what we recommend to be the best products because of their manufacturing methods, ingredients, and customer service.

However, choosing the best Delta-8 THC Gummies is all up to you. Different people prefer different products and finding a brand that caters to your preferences can be challenging. However, just keep the factors we talked about in mind, and you should be good to go.

You should always keep in mind that before you use Delta-8 THC Gummies:

FAQs About THC Gummies

Q: Are there any negative side effects?

A: Delta-8 THC Gummies may make you experience a psychotropic “high” that will give you a pleasurable feeling. However, the intensity of the Delta-8 THC is lower compared to Delta 9 THC. Always check for the laboratory results and ingredients of the brand to prevent health risks.

Q: How long do I have to wait until the effects kick in?

A: It all depends on your body’s sensitivity to Delta-8 THC. Some people immediately feel the effects after consuming the gummies. However, some people take more than an hour to feel the effects. We recommend waiting at least 90 minutes to feel the effects.

Q: What is the experience that THC Gummies give?

A:  Delta 8 Gummies are sweet and enjoyable edibles that contain Delta-8 THC. Eating a Delta-8 THC Gummy may give you a pleasurable and uplifting feeling. You can also experience a mild “high” feeling.


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