June 2, 2021

Get Cannabis-Infused Marijuana Edibles Wholesale in Canada

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5 out of 5

$36.00 $27.00

4 out of 5

$36.00 $27.00

Take a bite and get an amazing high with our tasty cannabis edibles. These marijuana-infused snacks are ideal for people who want the benefits of cannabis but prefer not to do it by smoking. Just pop one in your mouth, and you’ll find euphoria quickly.

High Potency and Consistent Dosage

Eating your cannabis can produce the same pleasing experience as smoking it. The marijuana that’s infused in the food underwent a process of decarboxylation, which converts cannabinoids into tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that gives people a distinct high. Additionally, there’s no burning involved, so most of the THC — and potency — is preserved. Through our stringent quality control practices, we ensure each batch of food contains consistent dosages of marijuana.

Compared to smoking, it takes a longer while to feel the effects of an edible. The stomach absorbs THC at a slower rate than the lungs do. But don’t worry — you’ll still feel an amazing, ecstatic high.

Note, too, that your experience with our edibles might be different from others’. The high depends on your diet, body type, weight, metabolism and cannabis tolerance.

Appetizing Flavours

Despite the potency, you’ll barely taste the marijuana in the edibles. All you’ll savour is the rich decadence of our chocolate bars and the mouthwatering goodness of our cookies and brownies.

WBUD uses only the best ingredients, and we make sure that each snack that arrives on your doorstep is as delectable as it looks. We work closely with local growers to ensure that every product is 100% organic. Every chocolate chip, dollop of caramel or marijuana strain is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Plus, you can enjoy it discreetly. Edibles are the best way to low-key consume cannabis. They’re small and don’t smell like marijuana. They look just like ordinary peanut butter cups and gummies.

A Different, But Still Satisfying High

There are many ways to enjoy marijuana, and there are just as many types of highs. Consuming edibles produces a different psychoactive effect on the mind and body. Our marijuana-laced food tends to give you more of a couch-locking body high. On top of that, some of our treats help ease pain, stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

The effects take longer because the active components don’t go to the bloodstream directly. They’re processed by the stomach and the liver first. Unlike smoking, however, eating doesn’t tax the lungs and hinder the production of saliva in the mouth. You face a lower risk of bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases.

New to edibles? We recommend the lowest dosage in our selection. Take a small bite first and wait for the THC to kick in. This way, you’ll see how much the THC affects you and so be able to gauge the dosage you’re comfortable with.

If you’re looking to stock your fridge with treats, choose WBUD’s pure and potent cannabis edibles in Canada. Email us at [email protected] to start shopping.