Marijuana Edibles For Sale [Lab Tested]

What Are Marijuana Edibles [THC and CBD]?

We have THC, CBD and a combination of the two. To better make you understand what marijuana edibles are we would discuss it with respect to the THC and CBD contents. Before you order marijuana edibles online, know the following.

THC marijuana edibles refer to any food or drink that carries a high enough concentration of THC to benefit the consumer. Don’t confuse this with the benefits of edibles high in CBD because the difference between THC and CBD is based on a user’s immediate reaction upon onset of the chemical.

The effect of THC is described as “psychoactive”, this is because THC can immediately relaxes the mind and body. The experience is felt as an immediate stress and pain relief, feelings of happiness, and an increase in appetite as some of the main benefits.

Unlike THC, CBD does not produce the ‘high’ that is associated with THC which makes it more beneficial for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties. CBD edibles are used in cases where THC side effects are not favorable to the patient. CBD edibles are available in candies, lozenges, bars, cookies etc. and are the easiest way to benefit from CBD’s pain management properties.

CBD will provide an effect more like ibuprofen. It will relax, but won’t really sedate. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce pain, but it won’t have the immediate sweeping relief that THC provides. So, the difference between THC and CBD content in edible products is important when making a purchase.

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Reasons to Buy Marijuana Edibles For Sale Online

About 30 years ago the marijuana edibles for sale on the market were pot brownies. Since then the world of edibles has expanded drastically over the last few years. I’m talking everything from cannabis-infused three-mushroom stews and macaroni and cheese, to things like cannabis caramel sauce. Now there are entire cookbooks dedicated solely to helping you become a red-eyed master chef.

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It is Safer Than Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is one of the fastest ways to deliver THC and other cannabinoids into your nervous system, but it’s not ideal. Smoking usually brings about, coughing, sore throat and stench of smoke permeating through your clothes or house. Not forgetting, there’s the social stigma around smoking cannabis and how it isn’t viewed as classy.

With all the pitfalls of smoking marijuana, you likely wouldn’t even consider bringing a joint to work and lighting up as you plug away at your daily tasks. Marijuana edibles overcome these challenges, if you measure the appropriate quantities you can get the necessary high or other properties of marijuana that you need without get the side effects and stigma that comes with smoking marijuana. Buy marijuana edibles online and cook them into any recipe or just order marijuana edibles from us with already infused THC and CBD contents.

Edibles Carry A Different Kind Of High

Consuming marijuana by eating it produces a different form of narcotic effect on the body. By smoking marijuana, your body converts non-psychoactive THC, the major mind-altering component of marijuana, into delta-9 THC, this substance produces the “high” that pot smokers are so famous for — heavy-lidded, lethargic, giggling, binge-eating type of behavior.

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Marijuana edibles completely produce a different kind of high, because your body actually converts THC into a whole different variety of THC — delta-11. This, in turn, produces a different effect in both your mind and body. That’s why  many people would consider more beneficial than the effects of simply smoking a joint.

Marijuana Edibles Prevent Mouth and Throat Damage

Meanwhile, the THC and other active compounds in marijuana have been shown to be anti-cancer, marijuana smoke may be almost as damaging as tobacco smoke to your health. Several studies have suggested that a higher rate of lung injury or cancer may result from smoking marijuana. Some other studies suggest that there may be some immediate toxic effects from marijuana smoke. Clearly, more research is needed on this subject area. Consider buying our marijuana edibles for sale online for the sake of a better health.

Smoking marijuana can cause many of the same problems associated with heavy tobacco use. Smoking marijuana deminishes the production of saliva due to its strong effect on the nervous system, which over time can lead to the development of a condition called xerostomia (dry mouth).  It results in bad breath, mouth sores and tooth decay. Lack of saliva in the mouth can also significantly increase your likelihood of gum disease. This occurs when oral bacteria grow out of control within the confines of your mouth.

Marijuana Edibles Create a More Generalized Effect on the Body

Smoked marijuana is distributed into your body via the lungs and it doesn’t spread evenly throughout the body. Experts say, eating or drinking marijuana rather than smoking it, can help to distribute the pain-alleviating and soothing effect of THC and other cannabinoids more evenly across the body and brain. Whereas smoked marijuana appears to act primarily on the brain, consumed marijuana may be a more holistic solution.

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