June 5, 2021

Girl Scout Cookies

Sometimes you just wanna get high because getting high feels good. You don’t want get loaded to write the next great American novel or shred powder up in Whistler or frag n00bs in Counter-Strike — y’just wanna get high and groove to Pink Floyd. Well, Girl Scout Cookies knows all about your cravings for some melodious Prog Rock goodness. Have you ever heard about that thing where if you start Dark Side of the Moon at the same time as you take your first hit of GSC, you’ll be high to the tits by the time Speak To Me ends and the buzz lasts about as long as The Wall? It’s true! This weed loves Pink Floyd so much that it even makes the David Gilmour era stuff sound good. HAHAHAAH! Just kidding: you know as a Floyd fan that you stop listening at The Final Cut and pretend the rest of that shit never happened. Especially The Endless River — I mean, what the fuck, Gilmour? I know Waters is a dick and everything, but as least the man can write some lyrics! Aaaaaanyway, when it comes time to put on your headphones, lean back in your chair, and become obscured by clouds, THIS is the dank-ass weed you want launching you into interstellar overdrive.