June 16, 2021

The best cannabis edibles to try in summer 2021

How to make edibles part of your outdoor adventures without turning into a zombie

Three packages of ediblesThree packages of edibles

The first time I had a gummy, I popped the whole thing into my mouth. Rookie mistake. 

Within an hour I passed out, which would have been fine, if I wasn’t in the middle of a party. That particularly tropical fruit gummy happened to have 15 mg of THC packed into it, but the chew was so tiny I just ate it like candy. 

After that formative but incredibly embarrassing experience, I quickly learned that checking the dosage per gummy is integral to controlling your high. Now, I am like a scientist when I cut gummies into halves and quarters just to get the perfect dose. I’m still confused as to why 20 mg gummies even exist, but to each their own. 

As a summer of park picnics awaits us once again, edibles are a great way to have a little bit of giggly fun with friends. I prefer to not feel like a zombie, groggily trucking through social interactions, spaced out of my mind, which is especially not the vibe for an outdoor daytime hang. 

Gummies that won’t knock you on your back once they hit are the way to go for a summer spent outdoors. Popping one before a picnic or a lakeside bonfire can be a mood booster or relaxer, depending on the strain you choose. The trick is to find ones that are 3 mg or less per gummy and then if you want to build on your high, that’s totally an option. 

With flavours like wild strawberry, watermelon lemonade and mango tangerine, the 2 mg gummies from Sunshower
($8.90, ocs.ca) seem made for summer. They’re a great addition to any picnic spread and low enough of a dose that you can take more than one without worry. Like typical edibles they take a while to hit but when they do it’s like a warm, welcome fuzziness. Definitely fun to share with friends and paired with good food and riotous conversation. 

For other similar pick-me-ups from Canadian companies, try White Rabbit OG’s vegan, gluten-free and all-natural low-dose gummies ($9.75, ocs.ca). Their blueberry, sour peach and blackberry lemonade chews all come in packs of four 2.5 mg gummies. Aurora Drift’s low-dose gummies come in two varieties, the raspberry one is sativa-dominant and the grape oasis is indica-dominant ($8.20, ocs.ca). 

Hopefully you can learn from my ill-advised edibles mistake and have a good time taking things low and slow this summer. 

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