June 24, 2021

You can get a free joint if you get vaccinated

  • People aged 21 and over can get a free pre-rolled joint if they receive a vaccine in Washington State.
  • The policy, known as "Joints for Jabs," aims to encourage more people to get vaccinated.
  • This comes as both states and companies have been offering lucrative perks to drive vaccinations.
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Adults in Washington State are now able to get a free joint alongside their COVID-19 vaccine after the state approved a "Joints for Jabs" policy.

As part of the push to encourage adults to get the shot, the state's Liquor and Cannabis Board is letting people get a free pre-rolled joint if they get vaccinated at a clinic located in a state-licensed cannabis retailer.

But edibles, bongs, and more creative ways of smoking or inhaling marijuana are off-limits, and only people aged 21 and over are eligible. The joint has to be claimed at the time of vaccination, too.

The board approved the policy Monday and said it would stay in place until July 12. Retailers will be able to advertise that they're offering complimentary joints alongside the jab.

Under a separate policy introduced in May, the state is also allowing bars to give out free beer, wine, and cocktails to people who can prove they've been vaccinated.

Nearly half of people in the state have been fully vaccinated, but 42% haven't received their first shot, per The New York Times' vaccine tracker.

In Arizona, the Mint Cannabis Dispensary is giving people free joints and edible cannabis gummies if they get the jab at one of its locations.

Both states and companies have been getting creative with ways to boost up vaccination rates.

Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to vaccinated Americans, Ohio is running five $1 million lottery draws exclusively for vaccinated residents, and West Virginia is giving $100 saving bonds to young people who get the jab.

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