July 8, 2021


I love rice crispy treats made with cannabutter. I usually have one every day. Monday, I decided to make a new batch of butter to make more so I picked up an oz of 23% Sugar Leaf from the dispensary and two jars of ghee and got to work. Decarbed and used my Magic Butter Machine as normal; I love the MB machine btw.

Time to clean up after pouring the ghee into the butter molds I had cannabutter all over my hands and in the pouring pitcher and of course the machine. I was about to start washing everything and thought it would be a waste. So, I grabbed a loaf of sweet potato bread and wiped down my hand and ate it. Tasty! Another piece and I wiped down the pitcher I used to fill the molds and ate it. so far so good. I decided to do the same to the Magic Butter Machine before washing it. It had not only a coating of canna butter but a bunch of decarbed weed as well. Ate that one too. Started cleaning up and ate a 50mg rice crispy treat I made earlier as well.

Fast forward an hour, about 3pm. I got very high. Thought I sobered up around 5 but another wave hit me. I crawled to bed around 11pm feeling like I was hallucinating. Passed out, woke up high on Tuesday and felt pretty off the whole day. Went to bed early and still woke up feeling lit this morning.

This is an absolute record for me; albeit an unwanted one. :-). Never been so high in my life. I need to be a bit more careful next time. I did the math after and 1 stick of butter was a bit over 1400mg THC. I know I probably ate at least 1/2 a stick plus the 50mg RCT. Too much. This was the first time in forever that I overindulged and had a weed hangover. Probably not my last but I would be happy if it was.

Stay safe my friends!