July 11, 2021

This company is hiring someone to eat edibles and smoke


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"We have to be trying these new products. We have to see what's good and what we think people will like."

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Sam Riches Emjay is looking to hire an intern for three months to review some of the 600+ products the company currently sells.Emjay is looking to hire an intern for three months to review some of the 600+ products the company currently sells.  Photo by Getty Images

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In an effort to get a read on the wave of new cannabis products hitting the market in California, delivery service Emjay is hiring a seasoned cannabis consumer to test and review its inventory.

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Vaughn stresses that this role isn’t for a cannabis lightweight.

“It’s really somebody who is very in-tune with how certain things impact their body. It’s someone who’s really in-tune with effects, but more importantly, is very clearly able to communicate, write down the exact impact and effect of any given product,” he said.

Applicants need to be 21 years old and California residents, but Canadians looking for similar opportunities are in luck.

Vaped.ca is hiring a reviewer to put dry herb vapes to the test. No cannabis comes with the gig, but the selected applicant will earn a salary of $50k, received three weeks’ vacation, and have access to a monthly expense account to help cover cannabis costs.

“I need someone who is confident to take over reviews, someone who knows the difference between a Volcano and an Xmax Starry. Who understands what each customer is looking for,” Christian Sculthorp, founder of Vaped, writes in the job posting.

“If you are someone who is passionate about vaporizers and has the ability to create well-produced, helpful videos and write-ups on the vaporizers. I want to hear from you. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for somebody.”

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