10 Best Weed Edibles to Buy Online

As more and more people discover the benefits of cannabis, just as many cannabis brands have popped up, each claiming they produce the top infused goodies out there – which is why today, we will unpack the top 10 weed edibles to buy online.

If you’re going to put something in your body with the purpose of healing yourself – whether physically or mentally – you can’t afford to use anything but the best.

We’re going to help you make sure you get your money’s worth, showcasing the brands that put their customer’s well-being first.

Whether you prefer gummies or chocolate bars, we have something for you on this list. We’ll start by explaining what specific type of cannabis edibles we recommend, along with our criteria in selecting our list of the top 10 edibles to buy online.

After that, we’ll share our favorite picks. It’s time to start feeling better, so read on!

Delta 8 THC – The Cannabinoid Of The Future!

We know not everyone wants to get high – which in the past, has deterred many who suffer from pain, anxiety, and more from ever experiencing the healing capabilities the marijuana plant has to offer.

These days, though, everyone can turn to cannabis as a healing modality without the worry of consuming too much THC – thanks to delta 8, a specific type of THC that offers all the same benefits as delta 9 THC (the one that is known for getting people high).

Delta 8 is relatively new to the cannabis industry, but it’s already made waves the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It’s hemp-derived, and legal in most states – so anyone can benefit from it.

It is important to note that delta-8 does still produce some degree of psychoactive effects. You’ll feel some euphoria for sure – which some people really, really enjoy!

Delta 8 THC is legal in most states – but definitely not all. Unfortunately, that means that certain products on this list may not legally be able to make their way to your mailbox.

However, we’ll break that down for you on a product level so you don’t have to wonder whether you can buy it or not!

10 Best Weed Edibles to Buy Online

  1. Everest Delta 8 Gummies
  2. 3Chi Delta 8 Gummies
  3. Effex Delta 8 THC Gummies (Rainbow Pack)
  4. Moonwlkr Delta 8 THC Gummies
  5. Diamond CBD Delta 8 Square Gummies

Our Criteria For Selecting The Top 10 Weed Edibles To Buy Online

We take great pride in how many people use us as a resource for their health and wellbeing – which is why we didn’t take our selections on this list lightly.

Our criteria hit on a few of the most important factors in our mind when it comes to shopping for cannabis edibles online:

There is more than just these factors that determine whether a product is truly the best, but these are the easiest to assess – and offer a great look into just how good a weed edible is.

What Are The Ten Best Weed Edibles To Buy Online?

Now that you know what exactly delta 8 THC is, and how we’ve gauged the brands & products on this list – let’s not waste any more time, and get right into our list of the top 10 weed edibles you can buy online.

To start off our list, we’re going to share our personal favorite, and without a doubt – the best of these 10 products.

If you’re short on time and are just curious what the #1 overall hemp-derived edible to buy online is, you can just read our first pick – Everest.

#1 –Everest Delta 8 Gummies

Above all else, the two most important factors to us when selecting a weed edible is lab testing procedures and quality of ingredients – these two are non-negotiable.

The rest – potency, taste, flavor options, brand policies – are nice, but if the transparency and quality aren’t there? You have no business consuming that product.

That’s why we selected Everest Delta 8 Gummies as our #1 cannabis edible to buy online today.

No other brand is using as high of quality ingredients – both the hemp, distillation, & food ingredients. These edibles are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.

And when it comes to transparency, nobody does it better. Everest uses the strictest lab testing procedures possible and actually goes above and beyond to DOUBLE TEST all their edibles. Let’s get into the details of this product.

Everest Delta-8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

The Most Transparent Cannabis Edibles Online

We said product testing transparency was a crucial part of what makes a product “the best” in our eyes, and Everest knocks this out of the park.

While sketchy brands get their product to market using cheap, sketchy lab testing protocols – Everest utilizes third-party labs to test their product two times before it goes to the customer. That’s how seriously they take their customer’s well-being.

You’ll be able to access these very tests right on the product page. There, you’ll see that this product passes with flying colors in terms of toxins & heavy metals, while granting access to important metrics like potency, active compounds, and more.

Why We Believe Everest Offers The Best Edibles Online

Now onto the final factors in us selecting Everest as the best cannabis edible to buy online – the policies this brand employs.

First and foremost – they offer free shipping on every order. Most other brands require a minimum purchase amount before you unlock free shipping, while others will actually charge you a fee.

Plus, they have a subscription service where you can save a ton of money by signing up for automatic reorders.

You set your own schedule, whether you want these delivered every two weeks, once a month, or longer.

By subscribing, you unlock 20% in savings! If you need these products anyway, you might as well save money if you can!

They even offer a no-hassle return policy- which as you’ll see, is unfortunately not common in the cannabis industry. This means you can try Everest edibles today risk-free, and send the product back within 30 days if you hate it!

But, take our word for it – you won’t. These are the real deal, and without a doubt, the top edible to buy online right now.

List Of Ingredients

Another reason we consider Everest to be at the top of the industry right now is its ingredient profile. They truly put the customer first in terms of ingredient quality.

Even though you wouldn’t guess it by the taste, these ingredients are actually good for you. While other edible brands mask the taste of hemp in their product with all kinds of nasty ingredients, they only use:

The one problem we see with Everest is that they haven’t explored other flavors and edible types yet. Right now, you can only get the product in blue raspberry-flavored gummies.

With that said – the only reason this is disappointing is that they taste so good – you know that any other flavors they dropped would be incredible.

#2 – 3Chi Delta 8 Gummies

It’s really tough to follow up Everest on our list of the top cannabis edibles – because to be honest, they’re pretty far ahead of everyone else.

With that said, 3Chi is an excellent choice itself – especially when you consider that these guys were one of the first to do it, and helped bring delta 8 THC to where it is today.

They are spearheaded by a biochemist with 15 years of experience and have a great process in all three phases: cultivation, distillation, and infusion.

Their reputation speaks for itself – customers tell us that these taste great, and our expertise suggests they’re good for you, too!

If you’re looking to get some CBN (another potent healing cannabinoid) in your life too, you can give their Comfortable Numb gummies a try – these feature a 1:1 ratio of Delta 8 and CBN!

3Chi Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

3Chi makes it easy to find testing information for all of their products – including their gummies. An entire page on their website contains all the recent lab results for the products they have online.

There, you’ll see all the important information like date tested, cannabinoid profile, solvent levels, heavy metals, and everything else you need to know.

Free shipping is unlocked when you spend over $99 at 3Chi, which is really easy to do when you start shopping around and see how many different types of edibles, concentrates, and flower they have! Otherwise, you’ll spend $5 on shipping for these.

There is no subscription service, and a pretty abysmal return policy – only damaged goods can be returned, otherwise, you’re stuck with the product if you just plain don’t like it (which we don’t anticipate happening).

List Of Ingredients

Just like Everest, 3Chi does a really good job with its ingredient profile. Vegan, gluten-free, and minimally processed. Here are the ingredients (varies depending on flavor):

These particular gummies are available in both a black raspberry and watermelon option. But, you can try other edible types that contain delta 8 like cookies, chocolate bars, and much more!

#3 – Effex Delta 8 THC Gummies (Rainbow Pack)

If you’re the type of person who tends to get bored of the same flavor quickly, you need Effex’s Delta 8 THC Gummies Rainbow Pack.

This is a unique edible eating experience because the rainbow pack contains multiple favors in one package – so you never know what you’re going to get when you reach in to grab a gummy!

Effex Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

Easy access to the lab tests by Effex is a reason they earn such a high spot on this list. You can easily check results online.

While you don’t get free shipping through Effex, it is still less than $5 usually. What we don’t love about this product is that the return policy only accepts damaged returns.

But, you’re going to love it – so this won’t be an issue. And you can take advantage of their subscribe and save program to take 15% off regular reorders!

List Of Ingredients

We mentioned that you get 5 different flavors in one bag, which include Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Blue Razz, and Mystery. From all accounts, these are all delicious!

#4 – Moonwlkr Delta 8 THC Gummies

Our favorite part about Moonwlkr Delta 8 THC gummies is the unique flavor options – each of which is derived from a different strain, which is incorporated into the name.

But we also love how potent these are – at 25mg per serving, these cannabis-infused edibles pack a real punch.

Moonwlkr Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

Like all products on this list, you can verify that the product you’re ordering is tested in a lab – and passes – by visiting their website and examining the tests for yourself.

Unfortunately, there is no subscribe and save service for Moonwlkr. This isn’t a huge problem, but you will have to come back and reorder regularly – or buy in bulk.

However, you can get free shipping through their website – and when you factor in the actual cost of these, you end up getting these gummies for a great price.

List Of Ingredients

The five different flavors are each named after a fruity strain – which is a really nice touch. The options include:

#5 – Diamond CBD Delta 8 Square Gummies

If you’re looking for a combination of CBD & Delta 8, then the Diamond CBD Delta 8 Square Gummies is for you. It features a 1:1 ratio of the two cannabinoids.

At 20mg apiece, these little squares rightfully earned the classification of “extreme force” that they’ve been given. This particular brand has been around for more than 5 years, earning a very reputable name along the way.

Diamond CBD Delta 8 Square Gummies Quick Facts

By reading the product description, you can easily view the lab-tested documents ensuring these meet all standards in terms of safety and potency.

This brand nails it with their policies – which is why so many customers choose them. You get free two-day shipping when spending over $100, which is easy to do with their extensive catalog.

You can also subscribe and save up to 5% every month – it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing if you’re going to be using these gummies frequently.

Try yours hassle-free today with 30-day returns on unopened items!

List Of Ingredients

As you can see, there are a lot of ingredients in these gummies – some of them not so great. That’s a deal-breaker for a lot of the health-minded individuals out there, particularly those on a strict diet.

You can choose between 6 different flavors – original, blueberry, watermelon, mango, island mix, and sunshine mix.

#6 – Area 52 Delta 8 THC Gummies

Looking for something a bit more potent? The Treetop Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies are just for you, coming in at a potent 30mg Delta 8 per gummy!

Available in a few different flavors, these leave no hemp or earthy aftertaste. And, they are minimally processed – with just a few ingredients.

Area 52 Delta 8 Square Gummies Quick Facts

These delta 8 THC edibles are lab tested to the strictest of standards, and you can view these results on the “testing” page on their website.

The Area 52 delta 8 THC edibles are available in assorted flavors, so you always have something fresh. Choose from pineapple, green apple, or strawberry.

If you know you’re going to want to order more of these, you can take advantage of the subscribe and save feature – getting you 15% off regular reorders.

You can save even more money by purchasing more than one pack – these edibles are available in 1, 2, or even 3 packs.

List Of Ingredients

#7 – Blue Planet Delta 8 Chocolate Bars

We’ve shared a lot of really great options for those seeking gummy edibles online – but what about edible chocolate bars?

The Blue Planet Delta 8 Chocolate Bars are great for anyone who’s after that sweet chocolate taste – with a dash of delta 8 THC.

When we say with a dash, what we really mean is a whopping 50mg of delta 8 per serving! That makes this the most potent edible on the list thus far.

Blue Planet Delta 8 Chocolate Bars Quick Facts

List Of Ingredients

With just a few quality ingredients, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product with quality hemp-derived delta 8.

#8 – Bearly Legal Hemp Delta 8 THC Edibles

If you want a little more variety in your life, consider the Bearly Legal Hemp Delta 8 THC Edibles. These are infused with 25mg of delta 8, and come in a variety of edible types – including gummies and hard candies!

Bearly Legal Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

You can unlock free shipping on all orders over $50 – that’s just two packs of edibles. You also get quantity discounts, saving an additional 5% on your order with every additional edible pack you purchase.

Easily view all lab reports for these edibles on the Bearly Legal Hemp website, where each product has a COA posted.

List Of Ingredients

These are some of the top edibles online, available in a bunch of different flavors – cherry, pineapple, watermelon, strawberry, mixed fruit, pina colada, or blueberry.

#9 – Treetop Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies

Looking for something a bit more potent? The Treetop Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies are just for you, coming in at a potent 30mg Delta 8 THC per gummy!

Available in a few different flavors, these leave no hemp or earthy aftertaste. And, they are minimally processed – with just a few ingredients.

Treetop Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

By reading the product description, you can easily view the lab-tested documents ensuring these meet all standards in terms of safety and potency.

List Of Ingredients

You can get your Treetop Hemp Co gummies in either peach, watermelon, sour snakes, or rainbow flavoring.

This brand does not sell direct – you’ll have to go through a third-party retailer, which means the brand policies will differ depending on where you buy them from.

#10 – Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Gummies

The final brand we’re going to cover today is Industrial Hemp Farms, and their delta 8 gummies are great for anyone looking to buy edibles in bulk.

These guys also offer a ton of other CBD & Delta 8 products worth checking out, so you’ll never get bored!

Treetop Hemp Delta 8 THC Gummies Quick Facts

Lab results are easily accessible in the product description of every single item these guys sell, so you know you’re getting safe, quality gummies.

List Of Ingredients

No matter which of these 10 edibles you end up going with (again – we recommend Everest, nothing else really comes close in our opinion) you’ll be getting quality cannabis at a great price. Let us know which one is your favorite!