22 Best Cannabis Edibles for Regular Stoners

Weed legalization is slowly, but surely, progressing in the US, but the large majority of America cannot legally access THC. Well, unless you’re buying Delta 8, then it is completely legal as a result of the Farm Bill of 2018. Thanks to that bill, there is a legal protection of any products derived from hemp separate from marijuana.

For anyone who has visited or lived in a state with legal recreational use of marijuana, it might be a difficult transition to move to a state where THC consumption is illegal. However, with Delta 8 THC, there is a way to consume THC derived from legally grown hemp. Therefore, there is a legal way to consume THC, and it is proven to be an effective way to receive the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Delta 8 has been insanely popular as a substitute for classic, Delta 9 THC, but it can be difficult trying to sort through all of the unique brands in the market to find the best cannabis edibles. How can you even tell which ones are safe or not? There are plenty of effective and reputable brands on the market the regular stoner can enjoy, and we can help.

This list will help you sort through all of the best cannabis edible brands on the market based on criteria that we consider valuable and believe you should value as well. Among these criteria are things like the price and value, the production process, the ingredients, flavors, and, most importantly, lab results proving a safe and trustworthy product.

With that being said, let’s get to the list of the best cannabis edibles for regular stoners:


Everest is one of the best cannabis edible brands on the market, period. Everest is a brand that embodies safety, health, and value for the buy. Everest provides 30 gummies in one container with 20mg of distillate per gummy. If you’re a regular stoner, then getting a large quantity for a reasonable price is a must.

Everest offers their 30 pack of gummies for $75, plus tax, with free shipping, but the best value is offered through their subscription program. Everest offers a 20% discount for any customer that decides to start a monthly subscription plan, which would benefit regular buyers very generously.

Furthermore, Everest gummies are made with gluten-free, non GMO, and vegan-friendly ingredients, in addition to the Delta 8 derived from American-grown hemp. Everest utilizes a fruit fiber, pectin, to give their gummies the chewy consistency of a usual gummy candy. Most other gummy candy uses gelatin, a byproduct of grounded up animal material like skin and bones.

Lastly, Everest gummies are rigorously tested to ensure the utmost quality and safety of their product. Everest subjects their gummies to testing before and after production by GMP-certified labs. These labs are a third party to better ensure that Everest is getting a much more honest evaluation. The safety, transparency, and value of Everest as a brand makes their gummies one of the best cannabis edibles on the market now






2. 3CHI Hemp Gummies and Edibles


If you’re a regular Delta 8 user and want a more established brand, then 3CHI might just be the brand for you. 3CHI was founded by the biochemist who basically discovered hemp-derived Delta 8 THC, and he has been in the cannabis industry for around 15 years.

3CHI is one of the most established brands in the industry, and they have not let it stymie their pursuit to offer value to the customer. Beyond just Delta 8 gummies, 3CHI offers brownies, cookies, and cereal treats infused with Delta 8 for anyone looking to have a fun time while eating something a little more substantive than just a gummy or two.

3CHI makes an effort to include a diverse profile of cannabinoids in their products as well, so that they can further improve and expand on the edible experience for customers. Along with CBD and Delta 8 THC, they include cannabinoids such as CBN and CBC. Furthermore, 3CHI gummies are made with 25mg of distillate per gummy.

3CHI gummies are also made with 100% vegan and all organic ingredients, and their other edibles are also made with plant-based, all organic ingredients, as well. 3CHI offers their best THC gummies in two flavors, which include black raspberry and watermelon. As well as two flavors, 3 CHI offers two sizes for their gummies: 8 pack and 16 pack. 3CHI’s strength lies in their diversity of options, potency, and reputation as an established brand.






3. Delta Effex Delta 8 Gummies


If you’re an edible regular, you have probably dealt with your fair share of foul tasting gummies on the market. Delta Effex offers a line of Delta 8 THC gummies that are flavorful and potent, so you don’t have to worry about the potential for an edible that tastes like it came straight from the ground.

Delta Effex’s gummies are offered in a variety of 5 different flavors, including mango, blue razz, green apple, strawberry, and mystery. All Delta Effex gummies are made with 100% organic ingredients, and they are twice tested to ensure the utmost quality for their customers looking to have a safe and enjoyable high.

Delta Effex takes extra care to ensure that their products arrive intact because gummies have a high likelihood of melting in transit. In order to prevent this issue, Delta Effex delivers their gummies in a liquid cooled package to combat melting and creating gummy blobs. Delta Effex’s focus on flavor and customer service in packaging helps solidify them amongst the best cannabis edibles in the game.






4. Area 52


Area 52 is the brand built for stoner culture, and their deals justify the brand as more than just a gimmick. Area 52’s website is an entertaining experience in and of itself thanks to their alien/space themed site and designs. While it seems trivial, the packaging and branding behind Area 52 really makes the product feel special.

Area 52 is also a brand very obviously dedicated to providing ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly products. All of their Delta 8 THC gummies are made from all organic ingredients and are completely vegan friendly. Their gummies come in three delicious flavors as well: pineapple, strawberry, and green apple.

Area 52 gummies are also quite potent at 25mg of distillate per gummy in a pack of 30. Area 52 offers their gummies for $69 dollars a bag; however, they also offer a subscription based deal which lowers the cost to $59 dollars, plus tax and shipping. Their eccentric brand mixed with the value of the gummy makes Area 52 among the best cannabis edibles for regular stoners.






5. Bearly Legal Delta 8 Gummies


Bearly Legal gummies have a much more traditional candy image since they package their edibles as gummy bears. A small change, but the traditional gummy bear feel is just an extra piece of value Bearly Legal adds to their quality edibles.

Barely Legal gets their hemp from indoor grown facilities that enable them to best control any sort of environmental details that could improve or deteriorate the quality of the product. Barely Legal also plays around with the contents of their edibles by including broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD.

Bearly Legal boasts four delicious flavors to choose from including: blueberry, strawberry, pine apple, and pina colada. Furthermore, they offer gummy bear edibles as well as hard candy as just another option for customers.






6. Pure Craft


Pure Craft is a brand that seeks to benefit the customer beyond just a high, but also incorporating overall health into their business model. Pure Craft Delta 8 gummies are made with 100% organic ingredients, and they are totally vegan friendly. Furthermore, Pure Craft gummies are nano-infused with CBD and THC for quicker absorption in the bloodstream.

Along with their organic and vegan ingredients, Pure Craft includes healthy vitamins and supplements as an additional benefit for customers. They include Zinc, Vitamin C, and elderberry are included in their gummies for a healthy kick.






7. Delta 8 Pro Delta 8 Gummies


Delta 8 Pro is a brand that promises to provide an uplifting and anxiety reducing product to their buyers. Delta 8 Pro gummies are fashioned in their unique pyramid shape for a memorable brand in the gummy market. Their gummies are made with all organic and vegan friendly ingredients.

Delta 8 Pro offers one of the widest selection of flavors with over 10 to choose from: watermelon, sour blackberry, cotton candy, mango, green apple, passion fruit, pomegranate lemonade, raspberry, blue razzberry, and strawberry. Delta 8 Pro also offers whole sale options for those most in need of it.






8. Moonwalkr Delta 8 Gummies


Moonwalkr is a brand for anyone looking for an immersive, uninterrupted high due to them packaging Delta 8 gummies without CBD in them. Moonwlkr prides itself on the ability to provide a quality sleep assistance gummy.

Moonwalkr hangs their hat on the smooth texture of their gummies, and the Moonwalkr name really suits this brand’s product. Among their delicious flavors is the option for sour flavors for anyone who is more in favor of sour flavors.





For the sake of brevity, the brands outside the top 8 will not have as much of an elaborate description, but these brands are still in consideration for being some of the best cannabis edibles around.

9. Diamond CBD “Chill Plus” Delta 8 Gummies


Diamond CBD is yet another well-established company in the cannabis industry, and their “Chill Plus” gummies are a testament to their brand. Their gummies are made by way of CO2 extraction for the CBD that they include in the production of their gummies along with the D-8. This process helps ensure a top notch product for their customers.

Chill Plus is also offered in a wide variety of flavors and sizes for their customers. If you’re a regular stoner, the sizable quantities you can buy make Chill Plus a great brand for regulars. Chill Plus is a brand worthy of respect.

10. Finest Labs Delta 8 Gummies


FInest Labs is another brand that offers a respectable value to their customers thanks to a subscription based payment service. Their 25mg per gummy of Delta 8 distillate makes them quite strong, and their value is only improved by the sizable 30 gummies in the package.

Finest Labs makes their gummies with 100% organic and vegan friendly ingredients to ensure the highest level of quality and inclusivity for their customers. They regularly update their third party lab results to secure confidence in their brand.

11. Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Gummies


Industrial Hemp Farms has direct connections with farms, labs, and wholesalers to provide a brand that is perfectly made for those who hope to buy in bulk. If you’re someone looking to stock a store, or just stocking up for the winter, then Industrial Hemp Farms is the right brand for you.

All batches of Industrial Hemp gummies are examined and stamped with a Certificate of Analysis to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. They offer their gummies in green grape, passion fruit, blueberry, and lemon flavor.

12. Treetop Hemp Delta 8 Gummies


The classic childhood candy gets a stoner-inspired makeover, and they will definitely get you high. Treetop Hemp does not have much info concerning testing information, nor do they offer a tremendous amount of gummies, but what they lack in validity and quantity, they make up for in potency.

Treetop gummies are made with 30mg of Delta 8 THC distillate per gummy, making them the strongest edible on this list, so far. Treetop comes in four delicious, classic flavors as well: Peach Rings, Watermelon, Rainbow Belts, and Sour Snakes

13. D8 Delta 8 Gummies


D8 Delta 8 Gummies are a product with a fashionable brand, and its posterchild is the “Black Kush Caviar” gummy. This gummy is actually a black melon flavored, but the aesthetic of the gummy makes “Black Kush Caviar” a very apt name.

The “Caviar” gummy is not alone in the D8 edible line with the other flavors being lemonade, blue razz, and berry blast. Buyers can verify the safety and lab tests along with the gummies whenever they visit the D8 website.

14. Elyxr Delta 8 Gummies


Elyxr offers customers the most flexibility to mix and match their favorite flavors when they wish to enjoy more than just one flavor available. Many of the gummies offered above have a diversity of flavor, but few offer such a customizable flavor template.

Their flavors include mango, cherry, orange, blue razz, and watermelon. Buyers can either select their Elyxr gummies by each individual flavor, or get a party pack and mix 4 of the 5 flavors. The sample pack is a beginner friendly option that features one gummy from each of the five flavors.

15. Canna King’s Vegan Delta 8 Gummies


Canna King’s gummies are made specifically for those living the vegan lifestyle. Canna Kings gummies are made with all organic ingredients including pure cane sugar. Canna Kings’ gummies come in three tropical and vibrant flavors: peach, berry, and citrus.

Furthermore, Canna King gummies are the strongest gummies on this list, even more than Treetop at 50mg of distillate per gummy in the 4 gummy pack. The main setback of this brand is a somewhat lacking evidence of extensive testing.

16. Happy Place Hemp


There is not much special about Happy Place Hemp, but it is a reliable brand that is honest and transparent. This is probably the most important thing to demand from a company you consider giving money to due to safety being the biggest concern for anyone.

Happy Place only carries 10 gummies per jar, so this may not be the best product for regulars looking to regularly refill their edible stores. All Happy Place delta 8 packers come with three flavors: blue raspberry, orange, and watermelon.

17. Rift Delta 8 Gummies


Rift Gummies are produced and distributed by Pinnacle Hemp, and their gummies are respectably potent at 25mg per gummy. Rift gummies are offered in three different sizes: from the smaller 50 mg (2 gummies), the larger 500mg (20 gummies), and then the largest container at 1000mg (40 gummies).

Rift gummies come in a childproof container, so if you have little ones, you don’t have to worry about them sneaking into your stash. Rift gummies are offered in one flavor, sweet and sour, but they come in various flavors. So not much diversity of taste, but these are a decent back up option for Delta 8 gummies.

18 Snapdragon Delta 8 Gummies


Snapdragon gummies are made by the company of the same name, and they are great for beginners in the Delta 8 sphere since they offer two different potentcies. For those just starting, they offer a 10mg gummy, and the veterans have the option to buy their 30mg gummy.

Currently, this brand of Delta 8 THC gummies offers six delicious and recognizable flavors. Buyers can find flavors they know and love such as strawberry, raspberry, grape, pineapple, orange, and watermelon. Each pack contains 12 gummies ranging from $14.99-$24.99.

19. CBD Farmhouse Delta 8 Gummies


CBD Farmhouse offers 30 gummies for the price of $49.99, so stoners can see that CBD Farmhouse proposes quite a great deal for their Delta 8 gummies.Along with great value, CBD Farmhouse gummies are completely organic and vegan, so this option should be appealing for anyone with ethical or dietary concerns.

CBD Farmhouse recommends that users take 1-3 gummies based on weight and tolerance, so that buyers can ensure an enjoyable high. Each gummy is packed with 25mg of Delta 8 THC distillate, so you can be confident knowing your money is buying a potent gummy.

20. Binoid Delta 8 Gummies


Binoid is a reputable brand in the Delta 8 market, and buyers can be sure they are not getting ripped off. Binoid offers very flexible flavor combination selections for customers interested in trying a mixture of flavors. The flavors include: peach dream, strawberry bliss, and green apple.

Binoid also offers bottles that combine all three flavors into their dark gummy bottles. All bottles contain 20 gummies for $35, so buyers can be sure that they are getting great value. For anyone not interested in gummies, Binoid also offers soft gels for those who might prefer another option.

21. Koi Delta 8 Gummies


Koi is another company that utilizes the subscription payment model, and customers who sign up can expect a 10% discount on their recurring purchase. Koi offers a 6 count and a 20 count pack of their 25mg gummies, so there is an option for the curious and the regular stoner, alike.

Koi gummies are offered in five different flavors: mango, lime, strawberry, blue razz, and watermelon. These gummies are 100% organic, and they are completely vegan friendly, thanks to the substitution of pectin for gelatin.

22. Palm Treez Delta 8 Gummies

Palm Treez, the final brand on this list, is definitely for beginners in the Delta 8 game, with a 10mg concentration per gummy in a 15 gummy package. Palm Treez lives up to the laid back name of the brand because these are one of the weakest gummies on the list, and they are best suited for those eager to try a Delta 8 product.

Palm Treez offers both sour gummy bites and traditional gummy worms, so buyers have the option to decide which candy they best want to get high from. Palm Treez makes all of their lab data easily accessible in the page menu of their website, so customers can be sure that they are buying a safe and trusted product.

This list is not exhaustive, but this is definitely a great place to start for anyone looking for the best cannabis edibles available. For regular stoners, the value definitely lies with companies that can guarantee a safe product partnered with a payment plan that can provide the best value.

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