Trying The 10 Best Edibles Released In 2021

Of course this may be cheating a bit, but the world of weed infused food & edibles doesn’t have to belong solely to culinary school trained chefs and big box, industrial cannabis businesses. As an example, did you know you can easily make professional-quality cannabis gummie bears in the comfort of your own home? We have a simple, easy recipe (with one important hack!) that will make gummies you can show off at your next house party with pride.

Any recipe mentioned in today’s article can be replicated at home, beverages and chocolates alike, with just a bit of know how and the right equipment. Arguably one of the most important factors is what sort of THC/CBD infusion or concentrate you decide to use, and that too is something easily and conveniently made at home.

Home infusion machines are making edibles easy and accessible for everyone, with products such as (our personal recommendation) the LEVO II turning cannabis oil infusion into a simple, touch-of-a-button process. Make sure to hit up our detailed LEVO II review for more information on how these home infusion machines are bringing power back to the home chef, and making a big buzz in the world of cannabis edibles.