August 21, 2021

Lanark County Master Gardeners

Lanark County Master Gardeners

The Trowel Talk Newsletter February 15, 2021, brought to you by the Master Gardeners of Lanark County and Ottawa Carleton is now available. This month, we feature articles on the following topics:

  • Hello Aloe--Describes the medicinal properties of the plant and provides tips on growing this succulent, year after year.
  • My Kingdom for a Clivia--This is a breathtaking house plant that originates in South Africa. It is not widely available but does often pop up at Plant Sales or even in supermarkets.
  • Gardener Beware: Bugleweed--Many of the plants we grow in our ornamental beds turn out to be very invasive. We are starting this new feature, Gardener Beware, to identify these plants and provide for suggestions for bringing Native plants into your garden as substitute.
  • A Winter Garden for Birds--Nothing enlivens a winter gardenlike birds. This article discusses plants that will attract Birds, all winter long.
  • Ask a Master Gardener--When should I start seeds indoors? and Are leftover seeds still good?
  • Book Review--The Well-Gardened Mind: The Restorative Power of Nature by Sue Stuart-Smith.

After a year of no Master Gardener events, we are pleased to announce Master Gardener virtual appearances at local Horticultural Societies. Check with the host organization for registration details. 

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