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edibles that contain THC and CBD, use with caution because they are very strong for some people.


Do Weed Edibles Go Bad?

Do Weed Edibles Go Bad? | Pure Oasis

How to Make Cannabis Oatmeal Cookies

Weed oatmeal cookies recipes with cannabutter

Try our delicious homemade THC Cannabis infused cookies recipe!

Cuisine: European

Keyword: Cannabis, Cookies, Oatmeal

Servings: 24 Cookies

Calories: 194kcal

THC: 175 – 350 mg per batch

Author: Jacob Cildavul

Calories: 194kcal | Carbohydrates: 25g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 25mg | Sodium: 210mg | Potassium: 63mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 18g | Vitamin A: 295IU | Calcium: 23mg | Iron: 1mg


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Recipe: How to Make Weed Cookies at Home in 60

Ah, chocolate chip cookies, the classic snack that’s been warming the hearts of millions forever. And cannabis, the lovely plant that’s making medical and recreational noise the world over.

Combine the two together and VOILA! What you get are weed cookies — in our case, a recipe for how to make weed cookies of the chocolate chip variety.

You read right.

Just when you thought cannabis and chocolate chip cookies couldn’t get any better, we go ahead and provide you with the critical information in combining the two.

And guess what? Marijuana cookies are one of the easiest cannabis recipes to make. Better yet, its simple, undeniably tasty and can be experimented with in so many different variations.

It’s a great time to be alilve! And we know that once you’ve picked up our recipe for how to make weed cookies, it’s only going to get oh so much better.


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weed cookies benefits

Benefits of Homemade Cannabis Cookies

We could go on for days about the benefits of edibles

Marijuana Cookies Don’t Taste Like Marijuana

Weed cookies have been around for ages, and while the formula for successfully making a batch hasn’t completely changed, they’re no longer the leafy tasting edibles your parents used to make. With the introduction of distillate and cannabutter, edibles no longer take on an extremely pungent and plant-like taste. You can now, more or less, make weed cookies that taste, well, like your favourite cookies!

Cannabis Cookies are a Healthier Option to Smoking

Many of us can’t consume cannabis via smoking, due to various lung issues or by choice. When dealing with chronic pain, the daily dosage for THC can be anywhere from 20mg-200mg, which if completely ingested via smoke would likely do serious damage to your airways. Consuming such an amount by smoking is not feasible at all — you’d be looking at an insane amout of joints per day! Not to mention the expensive cost. This is where weed cookies come into the equation. 

By medicating with edibles instead of smoking, you are able to ingest higher doses while preserving your lungs — but that’s not all.

Marijuana Cookies Provide More Dosage With Lower Quantity

Anyone that’s enjoyed an edible or 2 will often comment on how much stronger they seem to be than any other method of consumption. This is because processing cannabis through our liver creates a completely new compound called 11-hydroxy-metabolite. This compound is much stronger than regular, run of the mill THC, producing mind and body bending effects in much lower doses.

If you’re interested in a complete rundown between the differences between edibles and smoking cannabis, check out this article “Edibles vs Smoking Cannabis Differences for Beginners”.


Recipe: How to Make Weed Cookies

This recipe does call for cannabutter, which we’ve included in this article “How to make Cannabutter: Your Simple 5 Step Recipe“. Don’t get discouraged, it’s really easy to make and requires very little cannabis to get started.

Those who don’t wish to use cannabutter can use regular butter and include THC distillate

Here are the details for chocolate chip pot cookies!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 35 Minutes | Cool Time: 15 Mins

Total Time: 1 Hour



weed cookies


1. This is one of the easier cannabis recipes

2. Grab a medium sized bowl and combine the 1 1/3 cups of all purpose natural flour, 1/4 tablespoon of baking soda and 1/4 tablespoon of salt.

3. Whisk this mixture until everything is combined and then set it aside for the time being. Grab another medium sized bowl and mix the 1/2 cup of cannabutter, 1/3 cup of granulated sugar and 2/3 cups of packed brown sugar. For the best results, I like to use a mixer. Continue mixing until the contents in this bowl are creamy.

4. Once the mixture is all set, add in the 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract and egg. Continue mixing with your hand mixture until the butter/sugar/brown sugar combination has a light consistency, and then add in the chocolate chips. Once the chocolate chips are added, gently stir in the flower mixture from the first bowl into the second. It may take awhile, but continue mixing until you have decent looking and firm cookie dough.

5. Once the dough is ready, you will then spoon the mixture out into 1/4 cup cookies on a sheet and spread them out accordingly. Place them into the preheated oven at 325 degrees and let the cookies bake for 18-25 minutes.

6. Remove the sheet from the oven when the cookies are a crisp golden brown and let them cool for approximately 10-15 minutes before removing from the sheet. Once your pot cookies have cooked, sit down and enjoy your hard work!

Don’t forget the milk! Or if you’re feeling extra cannabis-like, try our recipe for how to make cannabis-infused milk

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Pot Cookies Recipe: Final Notes About Dosage

As mentioned before, ingesting edibles produces a much more potent effect. We can’t stress this enough, but when eating your weed cookies, start slow. Start very, very slow! The effects of edibles can be delayed up to a couple hours, and once those yummy chocolate chip cookies are down the hatch there’s no coming back.

Depending on the strength of your cannabutter or distillate, it could be very possible that a quarter of a cookie will be all you need.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how to make weed cookies as much as we have enjoyed teaching you. Stay tuned for more tasty recipes in the near future!



Image Credits:

All images taken freely from Unsplash


What's the Difference Between CBD and THC Edibles? (Full Guide)

Edibles are exactly what you think they are—ingestible forms of cannabis that doesn’t require the use of fire to become activated. This is why so many THC and CBD users prefer edibles to smoke, vaping, or dabbing; there is no smoke permeating the lungs or throat.

Cannabis edibles come in three basic types: CBD edibles which are CBD dominant (contains little to no THC), balanced THC/CBD edibles (containing equal amounts of THC & CBD), and THC edibles which are THC dominant (contains little to no CBD) that produces a strong mental high. 

Since balanced edibles also contain THC, consumers are subjected to experiencing the “mental” or psychedelic high weed is so well known for. Alternatively, CBD dominant edibles will not induce any feelings or sensations of intoxication.

What Are CBD Edibles?

cbd edbiles vs thc ediblescbd edbiles vs thc ediblesCBD edibles are quickly becoming one of the most popular products in the budding cannabis industry— raking in an estimated 4.1 billion dollars by 2022. CBD gummies were the third most commonly searched for food according to the Google 2018 annual search data report; losing out to unicorn cake and romaine lettuce. 

That said, THC edibles are no slouch in terms of popularity, having been used medicinally and spiritually since 1000 BCE in the form of bhang, a cannabis extract used by Hindus throughout India. 

CBD edibles, on the other hand, has only recently become an acclaimed member of the cannabis family after strong evidence and personal testimonies kept pouring in about its therapeutic effectiveness. 

Fast-forward to the present: the market for these treats includes various types of delicious treats that include but aren’t limited to gummy bears, desserts, protein powder, coffee, tea, energy drinks, cocktails, and full-on CBD infused meals. 

CBD dominant edibles are made with CBD extracted from either hemp or marijuana. Technically, hemp and marijuana are a member of the cannabis family, but they do have some major differences. Possibly the most notable difference is how much THC they contain.

CBD is a natural chemical compound that has demonstrated its power as a sleep aid, and its ability to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation throughout the body—without inducing feelings of intoxication. Since CBD edibles are made with CBD extracted from hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC, it is legal in all 50 states

It is important to keep in mind that these made from marijuana and contain more than 0.3% THC, so they have the potential to produce a high, and they are not legal in all 50 states. So make sure you are getting them made from hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC if you want to avoid getting high or worrying about testing positive for a drug test. 

Quality CBD products should start with quality hemp plants. The hemp should be grown organically without the use of pesticides or herbicides to produce a product that is free from any harmful additives. When buying the edibles you should always check to see if the company you are buying from stands behind its products, and that it practices ethical growing, cultivation, extraction, and harvesting methods. 

At Intrinsic Hemp, our CBD oil is extracted from quality hemp plants grown in the United States, without the use of pesticides or herbicides— and we back that up with third-party testing. 

CBD edibles are made from one of three types of CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Full-spectrum CBD is made with the complete chemical profile of the plant, which includes all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the same compounds full-spectrum products do—except the THC is removed. Isolate products are stripped of all cannabinoids, terpenes, and other molecular compounds except for CBD. 

CBD oil is typically extracted from the hemp plant using one of three popular extraction processes. The CO2 extraction method is said to produce the highest quality CBD oil, although some of the other cannabinoids and terpenes can be stripped out in the process.

After the CBD oil is extracted, it is blended with other ingredients to create CBD options like lollipops and gummy bears. Some people prefer to buy CBD oil and make their own items. CBD MCT coconut oil could be a great addition to a tropical health smoothie, or it may be nice blended with a carrier oil and mixed with a vinaigrette.

What Are THC Edibles?

As we mentioned earlier, THC in the form of edibles has been around since 1000 BCE. However, it wasn’t until the 1960’s counterculture that pot brownies and marijuana edibles became favored and regularly consumed in the United States.

Like CBD edibles, THC edibles come in virtually in any type of food and drink you can think of. But unlike this option of CBD, THC edibles will get you high; so much so that it is imperative to start any dosing very low and increasing it slowly over time. Smoking delivers THC directly into the bloodstream, whereas edibles need to be processed by the digestive tract and liver—which means the high you experience between the two will be vastly different.

Today, THC edibles are made using cannabutter, hash oil, wax, live resin, distillate, shatter, and leftover kief. THC edibles made with cannabutter are typically less potent than edibles made using concentrates like wax or shatter—but edibles made using distillate are much stronger than any other edible you can find in terms of THC content. This is because distillates test at about 99% THC and other concentrates test anywhere between 40%-80% THC. 

To consume THC edibles, you need to live in a state where medicinal or recreational marijuana is legal. Depending on if you’re a recreational or medicinal user will dictate the potency of edible you’re allowed to purchase. In the state of Colorado, for example, adults over the age of 21 can legally buy those that contain up to 100 mg of THC and medicinal users can purchase these products, containing up to 800 mg of THC.

CBD Edibles, THC Edibles, Hemp Edibles: What’s the Difference?

When you are looking for CBD food, it is important to know exactly what you’re getting so you don’t end up with something that could make you high or could even be illegal. Since there are different types of CBD edibles, we felt you should be aware of the differences. Always be sure to check labels and descriptions as well as reviews of the company to make sure you are buying from a reputable brand.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles contain the many benefits of hemp and CBD without the high. CBD gummies made with CBD extracted from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states. You can buy CBD edibles in many places like dispensaries and vape shops. You can also conveniently order them online from trusted companies like Intrinsic Hemp.

THC Edibles

THC edibles have benefits of their own but can produce a high. Edibles containing more than 0.3% THC are not legal in all 50 states. If you live in a state where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, you could buy it in many places, including online. If it is not legal in your state, you cannot legally purchase it in your state or online.

THC edibles may be labeled as a CBD edible. THC edibles may contain CBD, but if they are made with CBD oil that is extracted from marijuana and contains a high amount of THC, they will produce a high, and they are not legal statewide.

Hemp Edibles

The hemp plant possesses many therapeutic benefits in addition to the CBD. Hemp edibles may not contain any CBD at all, and some people prefer this. Hemp edibles such as hemp gummies contain terpenes and many different therapeutic compounds that may help relieve many ailments such as stress and insomnia. These hemp options do not contain CBD or THC. They will not give you a high, and they are also legal in all 50 states.

Side Effects of CBD Edibles

Pharmaceutical drugs come with an exhaustive list of potentially dangerous side-effects including memory loss, hallucinations, blood clots, birth defects, cancer, and even death. On the other hand, CBD has been found to have no severe side-effects, but there have been very mild side effects reported including nausea and fatigue. It has also been shown to interact with certain medications much in the same way that grapefruit can, so it is important to check with your doctor to make sure you won’t experience any negative drug interactions.  

Most people do not build a tolerance to CBD edibles, and no cases of fatal CBD overdose have ever been reported, and they are not addictive or habit-forming. In fact, they may actually help end addiction for people who are trying to kill their cravings for other substances like nicotine, THC, and opiates.

Side Effects of Edibles

THC edibles are a viable option for people who don’t want to or don’t do well with smoking, and the simple and straightforward delivery method would be great for inexperienced marijuana users. Where people get into trouble with THC edibles is taking too much too soon, and not eating enough beforehand. The effects of THC edibles aren’t felt until about an hour or two after consumption, and having food in your stomach will help in keeping your high from getting too intense— as it does with alcohol. 

Overdoing in the THC edibles department can trigger some undesirable side effects that you’ll likely want to avoid including a marijuana hangover (headache, grogginess), dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, psychosis, confusion, loss of coordination, paranoia and panic attacks. 

Finally, THC edibles will show up on a drug test, and in many instances, testing positive for THC can hinder transplant recipients’ eligibility to receive an organ — which is something very important to keep in mind before you partake with THC edibles.

Take Advantage of CBD Edibles

CBD has been known to help relieve and even possibly treat a variety of ailments such as nausea, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and epilepsy. These are the simple, easy, and tasty alternative to pharmaceuticals.

CBD edibles are a fantastic solution for those looking for relief but do not care for the taste of CBD oil on its own. They not only potentially help people with serious conditions, but they are also there for people who simply want to achieve and maintain optimal health. Try our tasty hemp-derived CBD edibles today and see what CBD can do for you.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Due to FDA Regulations, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD products. We also suggest that you read the reviews on our website, where our customers record their real-world results of using our products.


Cannabis edibles are now legal: Everything you need to know

TORONTO -- New regulations for cannabis edibles and topicals came into effect Thursday, with products expected to reach store shelves in December.

Here’s what consumers and parents need to know.


“Edibles” is the umbrella term for cannabis-infused products, which can include beverages, cotton candy, dissolvable strips, gummy candies or baked goods. And topicals are products which can include lotions, balms, and oils absorbed through the skin for relief of pain or inflammation, according to Leafly.

They’re typically made with cannabis oils or dried flowers and can be a good option for consumers looking to avoid inhaling the smoke from joints or pipes. However, the cannabis effects in edibles can be more potent and affect users for longer periods of time.

Health Canada also notes the latency period after consuming edibles can range from half an hour to four hours before the effect fully kicks in.

This was the “most profound difference” to other cannabis products, Adine Fabiani-Carter, chief marketing officer at cannabis company Tilray, told over the phone. “If you’re not feeling an immediate effect, don’t just consume more.”

Otherwise, users can accidentally consume too much and experience stronger, unpleasant and unintended effects. The general advice that she and Health Canada have for new users is to “start low and go slow.”

“The beauty of edibles and beverages is you can really manage the potency … people can really control how they feel,” Fabiani-Carter explained.


Beginning Thursday, Oct. 17, licensed producers can begin submitting their edible and topical products to Health Canada. Those products will then be subjected to a 60-to-90-day approval and procurement process.

In other words, Thursday is simply one of the first hurdles for edibles to reach the legal Canadian market. A Health Canada press release said it’s created a “strict legal framework to regulate and restrict access to cannabis keeping it out of the hands of youth, and profits out of the pockets of criminals and organized crime.”

Cannabis edibles
Edible marijuana products are displayed for sale at a Weeds Glass & Gifts medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Vancouver on Friday, May 1, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck


Well, it depends. Because of the aforementioned approval process, products couldn’t hit the legal market until mid-December -- at the earliest.

On top of that, provinces will each be allowed to further regulate the products. Depending on where you live, new products can be available in licensed cannabis retail stores, Crown companies such as the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), and online.

As to whether gummies or beverages will come out first, Alanna Sokic, senior consultant for Global Public Affairs, told said that will depend on the focus of individual companies and provinces.

“I would say that B.C. and Quebec tend to take a more robust and certainly more aggressive public health approach to regulating industries such as cannabis,” she said.

And despite the wide variety of products available in the U.S. market, many licensed producers have been concentrating on certain products such as gummies which they get on the market earlier on.

Health Canada further explained that licensed vendors and producers will “need time to become familiar with and prepare to comply with the new rules.”

In this Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018, photo, edible marijuana samples are set aside for evaluation at Cannalysis, a cannabis testing laboratory, in Santa Ana, Calif. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP/Chris Carlson


The restrictions on where people can buy or ingest edibles will be largely the same as combustibles. Fabiani-Carter explained these could include being unable to buy cannabis beverages at a bar or eating a pot brownie in a public space.

Although, monitoring this could prove difficult, particularly because of these products’ physical similarity to non-cannabis counterparts. Health Canada also warns that it is still illegal to transport cannabis or cannabis-infused products across the Canadian border.

Back in June, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said, “I encourage adult Canadians who choose to consume cannabis to remember to store it safely out of the reach of children and youth.” Health Canada also said edibles should be designed to be unappealing to young people, but still has not stipulated which colours, flavours or shapes would be allowed.

Sokic elaborated the majority of products will have “very plain” packaging, the now-standard THC symbol, health warnings and the levels of THC or CBD. “It’ll have a very sterile look to it.”

The government of Canada also warned users to avoid eating cannabis edibles with nicotine, alcohol, other drugs or health products and to not drive while impaired.

“The amended regulations are the next step in our process to reduce the risks to public health and safety from edible cannabis,” Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair said in the same release.


While the rollout of initial cannabis products has been rocky at times, the pot market has proven to be quite lucrative. But edibles are expected to quickly overtake the market now that they have been legalized.

Since the first wave of legalization, 11 per cent of Canadians say they already consume edibles with 13 per cent expected to buy legal edibles. A recent Deloitte report suggests that edibles and alternatives will be worth $2.7 billion a year in Canada -- making up 60 per cent of the legal cannabis market.

Tilray’s Fabiani-Carter explained this is because “people are moving away from combustible forms of consumption.”


No. Cannabis edibles such as pot brownies, candy or baked goods won’t be available in Quebec.

Quebec's junior health minister Lionel Carmant told CTV Montreal in July that “the first thing we need to take care is our public health before economical issues.”

With this in mind, Quebec will permit some products that don’t appeal to children such as edible cannabis oil and butter. Carmant argued topical creams -- used for medicinal use -- should only be prescribed by doctors.